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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Joyce Manor + Dr. Dog + The Vaselines + Amanda X + Anamanaguchi + Andrew W.K. + lots more goodness

January 15, 2015

Written by Patrick McNamara

Hey, there. Welcome back to your favorite regular digitally dynamic original editorial feature. Say that five times real fast. No, seriously. Say it. I’m not writing another word until you say it.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. What do you say we - and I’m just thinking of this - what do you say we discuss some good shows happening this week? You know, just to mix things up around here. Tell you what. I’ll even throw in some dynamic streams.

And then maybe if there’s time at the end we could talk about whatever you wanted to talk about too. It doesn’t even have to be about music. I’m familiar with lots of subjects, including TV/VCR Repair, Learning the Personal Computer, and Hotel/Restaurant Management.

Thursday - January 15th, 2015 A.D.

The Ecstatic Music Festival starts tonight at the eternally buzzy hot club Winter Garden at Brookfield Place. Tonight Ian Williams of Don Caballero, Storm & Stress, and Battles does something probably awesome with Mantra Percussion. This one is free. Not the bullshit RSVP or “need a ticket” kind of free either. Just show up for some good thumps.

Rivergazer and Lost Boy? play Palisades. I’ve written kind words before about both bands. And it was pretty much my best work on the matter. Click this and this to read and then share with extended family and close friends.

British singer/songwriter/main alt Sam Smith plays Madison Square Garden. I haven’t studied his extensive catalog (it goes way back to late 2012) perhaps as closely as I’ve should. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. The following video only has 112 million views so I figured I should help push it a bit.

Other notable shows = Joyce Manor at Music Hall of Williamsburg (free w/ ticket) + Shilpa Ray at Baby’s All Right + Dr. Dog at Bowery Ballroom + Pop. 1280 at Saint Vitus


Friday - January 16th, 2015 A.D.

Veteran Scottish fuzz punks The Vaselines (one of Kurt Cobain’s faves) and Amanda X (good. band.) play The Bell House. Go to this one if you like guitars. Guitars of any kind. Also recommended if you’re the type that likes going to see good bands play good songs.

Dillon Francis and Bro Safari and Anamanaguchi were supposed to play one show at Barclays but instead that somehow turned into three nights at Terminal 5 (starting tonight). Maybe the Nets needed the space to suck or something. You might consider this one for Dillon Francis and/or Bro Safari and that’s well within your right to do that. But I’m considering this one for Anamanaguchi (they open 2 out of the 3 shows). Not only do they have the most satisfying name to type (your fingers just fly from home row) but they keep getting better and better over the years and are turning into one of the most fun bands to see in NYC.

Not that Unlocking the Truth at Brooklyn Night Bazaar won’t be fun too. It definitely will. Middle school* metal? Sign me up, please! When I was in middle school I tight rolled my stonewashed jeans and blew trumpet to songs like “Michael Row The Boat Ashore.”

(*they might be freshman now - ok, well when I was a freshman I played Cockney #3 in “My Fair Lady” and lost a playoff baseball game because the dribbler went through my legs)

Other notable shows = LVL UP + Two Inch Astronaut at Shea Stadium + Mike Pace and The Child Actors (ex-Oxford Collapse) at Union Hall + Bambara at Palisades + Dr. Dog at Bowery Ballroom


Saturday - January 17th, 2015 A.D.

Dublin’s Girl Band (who I just wrote about) was supposed to be in NYC and play Palisades tonight. But the show got cancelled due to VISA issues. Should’ve used Diners Club, sons. You may then be confused why I’m even including them in Best Shows This Week if they’re not playing. It’s cool. I am too. But don’t worry about it too much. They’ll be back.

If you actually read this thing rather than just deliriously scroll every week you may remember that Dr. Dog is out and about and playing a bunch of shows. I already blobbed about it. You can scroll up if you want. But I just wanted to added that Field Mouse (please enjoy that 3-year-old band profile) are the band opening for them at Bowery Ballroom tonight and they are a good. That's it. Oh, I also wanted the opportunity to include this one more time:

“How has your dissertation been coming along, Dog?”


Marky Ramone (he used to be in some band whose name I can never remember) brings his Blitzkrieg to Gramercy Theatre with a little help from Andrew W.K. Remember that piece on Andrew W.K. I wrote? God that was great. Can’t believe I got a C+. My writing teacher has his head up his ass.

Other notable shows = Savages at Saint Vitus Bar + Dillon Francis at Terminal 5 + The Stationary Set at Rough Trade


Sunday - January 18th, 2015 A.D.

DFA Records' Winter Workout is tonight at Baby’s All Right. A bunch of peeps are playing including a couple of Savages + Gavin Russom + DJ sets by Holy Ghost! + The Juan Maclean + Sinkane + lots more. I’ll bring the cowbells and the DFA references circa 2003.

eskimeaux play pleasant post-twee* pop at Silent Barn. You pronounce it “eskimeaux.”

(*no idea what post-twee means but I cautiously stand by it until you can think of something better)

AND FINALLY. Psychedelic Furs play Music Hall of Williamsburg. Um. OK. I'll tell Jon Cryer, I guess?

Other notable shows = Hulu Plus + Amazon Prime + Netflix


Thanks for reading. As promised we have some extra time. It’s now your floor to discuss whatever is it you’d like to share with me. I’m down to talk about anything (except music). Please remember to note that I’m particularly proficient in TV/VCR Repair, Learning the Personal Computer, and Hotel/Restaurant Management.


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