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Dungen meets Cookie Monster

July 7, 2005
Sweden's Dungen is a young guy who plays a ton of instruments to create a sound that's most easily described as psych-prog-pop-folk-rock. But really, it can't be described. It can only be heard.

Dungen establishes acoustic & electric guitars, organs, flutes, violins, and a whole lot of ambient electro noises as the inhabitants of his sublimely spaced-out fantasyland.

Listening to these mystical arrangements, you wonder if Dungen even lives in the same world, or at least the same century, as we do. His music could be the soundtrack to Hansel & Gretel: The Movie as directed by Tim Burton. Or remember that Cookie Monster picture book where Cookie's in that dark, foreboding forest and suddenly all those trees come to life and scare the shit out of him? (C'mon, think way back.) I bet Dungen read that during his formative years.

This is neurotic wonderment that sounds like nobody else.

Dungen plays Maxwells, Thursday, July 14th, and Siren Fest, Saturday, July 15th.


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