The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Alt-J + TEEN + Johnny Marr + Mitski + Fred Falke + Pattern is Movement + Javelin + Foxes in Fiction + we're just scraping the goodness here - Oh My Rockness

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The Best Shows in NYC This Weekend: Alt-J + TEEN + Johnny Marr + Mitski + Fred Falke + Pattern is Movement + Javelin + Foxes in Fiction + we're just scraping the goodness here

November 13, 2014

Written by Patrick McNamara

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Thursday - November 13th, 2014 A.D.

Remember how I just told about Mitski? I said she was really good? If by some slim chance you missed my kind words just go ahead and click her name and get acquainted with this goodness. It’s cool. I”ll wait. Did you do it? You like it, right? I knew it. Even better news for you. The band (yes, live it’s a band) play Silent Barn tonight.

Low Fat Getting High and Dead Stars lead a good sludge-gaze lineup at Cake Shop. Fans of sludge-gaze and/or gaze-sludge should definitely consider checking this one out.

Cult of Youth play Trans-Pecos. I already tried to explain this goodness once and barely got through the experience. Post-industrial neo-folk isn’t in my sweet spot but I still think it’s my cup of tea. I just don’t know why. I’m sorry. I have failed you. FATHERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! (that's from Superman II)

Other notable shows = Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at Music Hall of Williamsburg + The Rural Albert Advantage at Bowery Ballroom + D.D. Dumbo at Baby’s All Right


Friday - November 14th, 2014 A.D.

Brooklyn synth post-key popsters TEEN play a free show at the Apple Store in SoHo. What will those geniuses think up next? On a related note, do you want to read my brave yet cautionary tale about how my iPhone broke and so I had to actually go to a show without one? YOU CAN.

Post-dance twiddler wigglers Javelin play Brooklyn Night Bazaar. This one is also free. And you can freely move about if you want to, too. I don’t know what post-dance means. I thought you did.

Foxes in Fiction play Shea Stadium. The following song is also included (see: Crutchfield - Allison) on Our Top 14 Songs of 2014 List. It’s a really great list and you should check out the other 13 winners immediately or whenever you’re done reading this interminable article, whichever comes last.

Other notable shows = Caribou at Webster Hall + DJ Animal Collective at Brooklyn Bowl + O’Death at The Bell House + Sannhet at Saint Vitus + Dustin Wong at Palisades + Bent Shapes at Muchmore’s + Say Hi at Mercury Lounge + Yumi Zouma at Glasslands


Saturday - November 15th, 2014 A.D.

Johnny Marr was in this band called The Smiths with this guy named Morrissey. They still keep in touch and love each other very much. However, Marr is perhaps best known as being the guitarist in Modest Mouse for three years during their post-good albums era. JM plays Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight. I hope you’ll be there. Because if not...There Will Be Blood. Oh wait, that's Jonny Greenwood. Nevermind.

‘80s L.A. band The Dream Syndicate were one of the original Paisley Underground alts. You can read all about that scene on my favorite website. They recently reunited and you can see them play their first NYC show since at least 19988 at Rough Trade tonight (and tomorrow too). Expect many songs from their debut full-length “The Days of Wine and Roses” which is also a really great Jack Lemmon movie (he plays an alcoholic) that you should see immediately if you haven’t already.

And Fred Falke plays Cielo. He is a legit #1 leading DANCE JAM MASTER. As long as we’re posting the same old songs this week why don’t I go ahead and post this old Fred Falke song that I always post when I blob about Fred Falke because it’s a really good song. Coooooool.

Other notable shows = Ryan Adams at Carnegie Hall + Dustin Wong at Cake Shop + The Big Sleep and Devin and friends at Brooklyn Night Bazaar + Monogold at Glasslands + Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. at Bowery Ballroom + Tei Shi at Baby’s All Right + Fletcher C. Johnson at Baby’s All Right


Sunday - November 16th, 2014 A.D.

Pattern is Movement play one of last remaining shows at Glasslands. That makes me sad. Not that Pattern is Movement is playing. They’re a good band. I’m sad Glasslands is closing. Fucking Giuliani. Embrace the goodness there while you still can.

Fiasco play Death by Audio. I saw them play Union Pool 7 years ago because I asked them if they would. I have fond memories of that show - in particular Pin the Mustache on Carlos D. Ah. Those were the salad days. I’m glad these punks are playing again.

Finally. Alt-J play Beacon Theater. They’re really alt.

Other notable shows = Atmosphere at Terminal 5 + The Dream Syndicate at Rough Trade + Anberlin at Irving Plaza + Mahogany at Mercury Lounge


That’s it. I’m out of time. Thanks a lot. You guys have been great. Expect more of the same old song postings same time next week. The very good emo band I Sprouted Wings To Sail With The Sighs Of The Wind is up next!


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