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We're totally into the Birthday Boyz.

December 12, 2008
Brooklyn's Birthday Boyz are an exciting and explosive band that has a particular affection for guitars. I was instantly sucked into the swirl of these slayful songs. Their mostly metal rock-outs have plenty of screams and sway towards sludge, so think of them as something similar to Boris and Torche.

These four guys have somehow managed to slip under-the-radar for way too long. Well, the North American radar that is. Birthday Boyz did a stealth (i.e. non-Government sponsored) ten-city tour of China late last year. How badass is that? VBS.TV has a superb 6-part documentary of their trip which you can view here. I definitely recommend it.

Birthday Boyz play the Silent Barn, on Thursday, December 18th.


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