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Written by Patrick McNamara

Warehouse are a band of five live human peoples (Alex + Ben + Doug + Elaine + John) from Atlanta that make solid jingle-jangle rock. There's also some classic psychedelic stuff subtly coloring this high energy down 'n dirty overall super situation. And wait till you hear Elaine's vocals. Soul meets smoke meets a gravel road meets a midnight drag race. Her voice is rock star ready. You heard it here FOURTH.

The band has been around for a bit (Alex + Ben started chilling in high school, actually) but with the recent release of their debut full-length album “Tesseract" for new label Bayonet Records (founded by husband/wife duo Katie Garcia, formerly of Captured Tracks, and Dustin Payseur of Beach Fossils) this might be the moment Warehouse make a break for it. Don't just run with my kind words if you don't want to. Deerhunter's Bradford Cox has also said nice things about them and that guy always seems to know his shit.

Warehouse has recently played shows with good bands like Big Ups + Krill + Ava Luna and I felt it was important to mention this. Also, of this writing, (3:39 PM in _______ A.D.) the band is getting ready to play a Bayonet Records showcase with Frankie Cosmos + Beach Fossils + Jerry Paper. This too is very important because perhaps all these other band names I'm slinging at you will provoke a positive response within your Dopamine receptors* and will encourage you to give this good band a goddamn chance.

That chance starts now. Here is a song off Warehouse's upcoming album I mentioned two paragraphs previously. I hope you like it like I like it because it would be super sweet to like the same band.

File Under: YES


*i have no fucking idea if Dopamine is stored in receptors I just blob here

Published April 28, 2015



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