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Written by Patrick McNamara

Peach Kelli Pop has been in existence for something like six years but only recently have I embraced the open opportunity to get into this band's power doo wop pop goodness. I'm sure glad I did and didn't let the fact that PKP (new fan - already abbreviating) has been around since 2009 stop me. Please remember The Golden Rule we strictly adhere to around here. It's never ever ever too late to get into somebody good. EVER.

If you already know about Peach Kelli Pop you probably know that it's the work of one woman and that her name is Allie Hanlon and that she's crazy talented. You might even know that she lives in LA now but is originally from Ottawa, Canada. Maybe you've even seen PKP (my pet name) play a show recently with other good bands such as Cat Power + Cherry Glazerr + Bleached + Craft Spells + FIDLAR + well, I'm not just gonna sit here all day and recite the names of bands you may have seen Peach Kelli Pop play with. There might be some other things you know too because you've been listening to Peach Kelli Pop FOREVER but why don't you go buzz off while I get everyone else up to speed.

For those of you remaining. Now, when I said band, I mean that when Hanlon plays live she has a revolving cast of members/friends/supporters but pretty much all of the stuff on the albums is still just her playing and singing and writing and just making sure everyone has a good goddamn time. If you want to hear some of those albums, you totally can. Right here. Don't get overwhelmed by the amount. Like love, getting caught up from all those years you were blissfully unaware of PKP's (my new bb) chill bliss takes time.

However, if you want to start near the now because the past be damned why don't you stream a few songs from Peach Kelli Pop's most recent album. It's called “III" and was released by Burger Records in the very year I am currently writing this profile from. Here you go.

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Published September 8, 2015



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