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LA's FIDLAR has a song called "Wake Bake Skate." Now imagine what a band with a song called "Wake Bake Skate" would sound like and Tah-dah! You just imagined FIDLAR. These guys are a scuzzy, lo-fi thrash-party band that sounds like Wavves meets The Black Lips meets Ty Segall or something.

They put some power behind these dirty garage ditties, too. This isn't a band for those who half-ass and second-guess. FIDLAR is for peeps that go for it. FIDLAR either makes me want to surf or break things, I can't tell which. Maybe it's best if I just break things as I surf... like my neck, because I can't surf.

Anyway, this just might be the new favorite band for those reverb-loving kids out there who are straight-up tired of synths (chillwave, this ain't). Try listening to FIDLAR shortly after you wake, right before you go bake (cookies and cakes and things so early in the morning?) and then skate. Do all those things and you'll get their appeal. You'll totally get it, brah.

FIDLAR - 'DIYDUI' EP by WhiteIrisRecs
Published November 17, 2011



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