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Written by Patrick McNamara

On this week’s episode of Behind The Blob we discuss my thought process behind the following Only Real profile.

I was listing this really good CMJ show. And I noticed a bunch of good faces playing. Frankie Cosmos + Beverly + September Girls and, well, I could go on. But I won’t. Because I was stopped by the name Only Real. Wait a minute, I thought. I don’t know of any band named Only Real. So I did a little digging and was delighted with the results. Here’s what I found.

Only Real is one guy - a chill hip-popster (50% rapping + 50% singing = 100% good time) from London named Niall Galvin. His smooth flow over charming surf skater slacker songs in the key of breezy had the leading British music blobs really blobbing…. in 2012. But I guess that chatter didn’t make its way over here... until now. And everybody knows once you get a profile on Whoa My Blobness the door to opportunity falls completely off its hinges and you can just walk right in. You don't need to knock or anything.

Galvin started Only Real by making shit up in his bedroom. It was easy, really. Using real honest-to-god live instruments, Galvin played them with his hands and spit the sounds they emitted back into his codified Compra-Pad. He then released the new de-codified results to the world via his Intra Saucer. And amazingly the songs smelled liked roses

But now I’d imagine Only Real is a full band, considering he’s coming over to the States for that CMJ show as mentioned two paragraphs previously.* However, I don’t know the names of the other members of Only Real since I try to do as little research as possible around here. I’m too busy spinning the hits.

Below is Only Real’s “Days in the City” EP which you may stream if you’re the type that likes to spend their procrastination time listening to good music. It came out last summer. But I sure never heard about it, man…. until today. Get ready to be famous, Only Real. Get. Ready.

(( *I would link to the specific show I keep referencing but that will make this profile massively outdated in a month and nobody makes Whoa My Blobness out to be the fool. ))

Published September 23, 2014



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