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Written by Patrick McNamara

“Nothing proves that we are more than Nothing.”

That’s a quote from Nothing’s Twitter profile. And I feel what they’re throwing down. I truly do. Because nothing can’t come out of nothing. Nothing has to come out of something. And something ain’t nothing. And I hope you remember this the next time you’re up against the abyss, man.

Philadelphia’s Nothing is a loud (and sometimes slightly sinister sounding) shoegaze band that swirls towards a noisy sort of musical transcendence. And if that description sounds too grandiose and all farty arty and stuff, sorry. I mean well. Perhaps you’ll prefer this, then. The band was once described by frontman Domenic Palmero as sounding like “sticking a chainsaw into a fresh mound of dirt.” Yeah. I think even I prefer that.

Speaking of Palmero, he steps into the void of Nothing from a hardcore background - leading the loud charge of Philly’s Horror Show some ten plus years ago. Now, Nothing isn’t a hardcore band. I called them shoegaze and I’m sticking to it. But those same elements of darkness often found in hardcore linger here. That’s not to say this isn’t melodic. It certainly is. I’m just saying that when I sing Nothing in the shower I might also be wondering if someone is trying to break into my apartment at that very moment. This doesn’t happen when I listen to My Bloody Valentine.

Nothing has recently played shows with solid and perfect sound pairing bands such as Whirr and Deafheaven and Disappears and Weekend. The links I provided will transport you to those bands’ own brand of musical transcendence too (i mean well). And Nothing just signed to Relapse Records - home to dozens of good bands - and not a one could be called “hushed” or “placid” or even “non-deafening.”

Get into Nothing. Their soaring swirling sound fills the space. And that, friend, is something.

Published October 29, 2013



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