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Written by Patrick McNamara

Cleveland’s Herzog are four dudes (that’s Dan on drums and vocals! over there is Brian on bass! to my far left is Nick who sings and plays guitar! David, to my immediate right, plays guitar and sings!) that write triumphant ‘90s inspired fuzz/crunch pop that bends and swoops towards the vast cosmos of undiscovered positivity.

This band is a party for happy burnouts, optimistic dirt bags, clean cut college kids, and the aging alts who used to be them. Actually, no. Wait a minute. That’s not fair. Herzog is for everybody. The whole world deserves to sing along to completely catchy feel good melodies that also happen to shred. We are one. Imagine. It's a small world. After all.

Let’s compare Herzog band to other bands. Using comparisons other people have already made. Yay! Think Weezer (definitely) meets Dinosaur Jr. (that lower end, you know?) meets Diarrhea Planet (the smiles) meets Hum (it’s all green to me) meets Free Energy (the cowbell). Allow me to add my own dynamic comparison here and say that Herzog also sound like goodness defeating despair. In case that helps you any.

Please enjoy listening to Herzog’s album “Boys.” It came out May 20th in the Year of the Yushityu 2007 Mimetic-Resolution-Cartridge-View-Motherboard-Easy-To-Install-Upgrade For Infernatron/InterLace TP Systems For Home, Office Or Mobile (aka 2014 - if you want to be boring about it) on Brooklyn’s Exit Stencil Recordings. Like what you stream? Go buy the real thing.

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Published June 3, 2014



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