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Written by Patrick McNamara

Boston’s Save Ends are four guys and a lady (Brendan! Burton! Tom! Sam! Stan!) who play completely engaging indie pop emo punk (add some more genres to that if you want - or remove some - all good - I won’t mind).

This band will warm your spirit - “ahhh, other people have been through it too” - strengthen your calf muscles - “all this bouncing up and down is making my legs RIPPED” - and make you feel like you’re going back to visit an old friend - “no, i’m so sorry, but The Get Up Kids moved out shortly after The Anniversary did...but you’re welcome to stay for dinner anyway...after all, you’ve come all this way….do you like chicken burritos with homemade spicy salsa and guac, by chance?”

“Warm Hearts, Cold Hands” is Save Ends’ latest record. And I’ve been wearing it out, man. It’s 10 short guitar-driven songs of clear-hearted/wide eyed guy/girl vocal goodness. I really need to take a step back from it - take it easy - keep it chill. Because I don’t want to overdose on the catchiness - I don’t want to start resenting that I know when every big time hook is coming - the hook that makes you think “thingssss willl beee ookkkkkkkk!” - I don’t want to anticipate every harmony - the “going for it” wails that sound like two opposing selfs bending towards each other to join as one -‘cause once you cross over into that territory it’s mighty hard to ever cross back. You’re gonna need to find a wise old river man to take you back or something, man. And those guys are pretty hard to find.

I’m going to now post Save Ends’ excellent album in question. Although there is absolutely no doubt. You’re going to like it. Of course you’re going to like it. It’s good pop. You like good pop, don’t you? Of course you do. Only monsters don’t like good pop. And I am very sure there are no monsters who read Oh My Blobness.

Only brilliant engaging interesting kind people read this blob.

Google Analytics told us so.

Published February 11, 2014



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