Friday CMJ Pick: King Tuff + Total Slacker + Habibi + Royal Baths + Turnip King + DJ Cassie Ramone @ Cheap Storage. - Oh My Rockness

Recommended Show
October 19, 2012
I'll keep it quick - because who reads anymore, am I right or am I right? There are a thousand good shows tonight. Well ok, not a thousand. I've been told a million times to stop exaggerating so much. There are dozens of shows tonight. And many of those are really good. But we have to pick just one show as our Recommended Show of the Night. Why? I don't know exactly. We just like to set arbitrary limits for ourselves. (note: we wrote this exact thing yesterday - including this note saying we wrote the exact same thing yesterday - that's how quick we're keeping this - we don't consider it self-plagiarism - we think of it more like a "bit" - that's what we tell ourselves to help us sleep at night, anyway)

Our Friday Show Pick is King Tuff + Total Slacker + Habibi + Royal Baths + Turnip King + DJ Cassie Ramone. Because those are some good bands. The show is at a place called Cheap Storage. That's a good place. So we recommend you go out to this and celebrate everything good. Because in the end, the goodness will always win out over suckiness. And don't let any haters tell you otherwise.

King Tuff leads a super solid line-up at Cheap Storage tonight. See you there?


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