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September 08, 2009
Brooklyn's Lia Ices is one of those singer/songwriters that seem to have the same adjectives following her around. Adjectives like "haunting" and "chilling" and "seductive." And hey, if you're going to have adjectives hunting you down, they might as well be adjectives like those.

Lia's Cat Power-esque voice cuts through her sparse instrumentation like a knife (albeit a pretty knife), all while deftly manning the keys. Live, she's often supported by a small ensemble featuring guitars and sometimes violin.

She's recently opened up some shows for big time names like Iron & Wine, Loney Dear and Juana Molina, so definitely give her a listen if you like those guys. She's also recommended for fans of Hanne Huckelberg and maybe Feist. And some have even compared her to another singer/songwriter/piano player named Tori Amos. But I strongly dislike Tori Amos and I like Lia Ices. Just saying...

Lia Ices plays Sir (it's a cool clothing store), on Thursday, September 10th.


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