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Wild Light: the little known band that played the ampitheaters.

February 26, 2008
Remember Arcade Fire's tour show in October of 2007 at Randall's Island in NYC? It was like a who's who of supporting bands: Les Savy Fav, Blonde Readhead, LCD Soundsystem, Wild Light... wait, Wild Light? Who the hell is Wild Light? If you went to that show, you now know that Wild Light is a good band and you're probably they're back in town to play Maxwell's and Bowery Ballroom. If you didn't go to that show because outdoor shows are never as good as you want them to be, read on friend, read on.

Wild Light is a four man band from Boston/New Hampshire that makes epic, dramatic pop full of harmonies, climaxes and resolutions. They write the kind of soaring songs that make you want to turn your life around. They write the soaring songs that make you finally find the courage to wear those mailman pants to work, to be the person who sets the singing key for the Happy Birthday song in a crowded conference room of work aquaintances, to cry at the dog show when the beagle finally had his day in the sun, and to once-and-for-all get your butt off the couch and turn the channel to 'Millionaire Matchmaker' the old-fashioned way without using the remote. In other words, Wild Light inspires. So yeah, it was immediately clear why Wild Light's music would appeal to Arcade Fire and Arcade Fire's fans.

Late last year, Wild Light also supported Arcade Fire at other intimate places like the Hollywood Bowl and other non-descript tiny places that end in "amphitheater." And now they're opening two shows in NYC this week for The Stills. Ok, The Stills are no Arcade Fire, but they almost could've been them once.

Boy, this band sure hit the jackpot. It's a good thing Wild Light is good, otherwise people might be a little jealous. But all these guys have been handed is an opportunity. It's one thing for a headliner like Arcade Fire to offer the opportunity to a young band to play for thousands and thousands of their fans. It's another for Wild Light convert them enough to be able to draw them back without Big Brother Butler watching from the wings. Go see Wild Light and see if you can be converted.



Wild Light opens for The Stills at Maxwell's, on Friday, September 7th, and at Bowery Ballroom, on Saturday, September 8th.


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