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Brooklyn's Fiasco create orchestrated chaos.

September 24, 2007
There are "kid bands" and then there are bands who happen to be kids. Fiasco are the latter. This is no Menudo. The young band is comprised of three teenage guys from Brooklyn who (so far) seem to have grown up listening to all the right stuff. They especially like Sonic Youth's feedback madness, Lightning Bolt's distorted bass messiness, and Shellac's scratchy rawness.

Make no mistake, this is punk rock. But there's definitely a Strokes-y element to their vocals that make their noise pretty melodic, too. And being good sharers, the three boys from school (that's for you, Hot Chip) like to switch up guitar, bass and drums duties to keep it communal.

If Thurston Moore likes Be Your Own Pet (which he does, since he signed them) then he will LOVE these guys.

Fiasco play Uncle Paulie's, on Friday, September 28th, and Galapagos, on Friday, October 5th.


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