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The Best Shows This Weekend!

November 18, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

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Thursday - November 21st, 2013 A.D.

Great one. Body/Head (Kim Gordon + Bill Nace) and DJ Ad-Rock play MoMA tonight. I’ll be at this one for sure. And not just because the ticket price includes free beer and wine. I will go because Kim Gordon is Kim Gordon. Do you want to come too? Come on! It’ll be fun! I’ll tell you a bunch of really good stories about when I worked the MoMA customer service desk - my first job after I moved to NYC. The things I saw at that job…. ohhhhh, the things I saw, dear Rockness reader!

(*pro tip: if you’re buying a ticket that has a reduced rate for students - don’t ask, “i’m a student of life. does that count?” - or “i’m a student from the school of hard knocks. does that count?” - and also don’t try and show me your BlockBuster Video card as your valid student I.D. either.) Ah, the memories… that was one of the best jobs I ever had.

Infinity Shred and Chrome Sparks play 285 Kent tonight. And in completely serendipitously coincidentally RELATED news, this Infinity Shred song I’ve posted below is still in pretty steady rotation at Rockness HQ (though still far from the current all time leader in plays - Phil Collins “Against All Odds” - SO TAKE A LOOK AT ME NOWWWW!). Please note: I like this Infinity Shred song because of the pops. But they come in later. So stick around. What’s your hurry, Superman? Just grow with it.

Before there was James Murphy telling it to us straight in that “look, don’t bullshit a bullshitter, ok?” way of speaking/singing, there was Jonathan Richman doing the same thing. He plays Bowery Ballroom tonight (and tomorrow too). Jonathan does. I don’t know what James is doing. Probably just livin’ life. Doin’ what he do. Casually tossing raindrops on a restlessly splendid sea. Bangin’ a cowbell. Couching it.


Friday - November 22nd, 2013 A.D.

Beach Fossils + Perfect Pussy make it a good 1-2 punch at 285 Kent late tonight. Do you think me writing about Perfect Pussy (who also play 285 again tomorrow) is going to flag this dynamic feature as spam? Probably. But you know what? I don’t EVEN care. Screw spam! I’m going to talk about Perfect Pussy. And I’m even going to post a shaky poor quality DIY video of Perfect Pussy playing live. That was apparently shot from the nervous hands of a wobbly giant. So there. How punk rock is that? Real punk rock. That’s what. Real talk. True spit. See ya in the funny folders, spammy.

Sleigh Bells + Danny Brown + Doldrums play at Terminal 5 tonight (and tomorrow too) in exciting downtown Midtown Manhattan. Maybe once I go from good fella to commissary slips and eat brunch instead of Captain Crunch I’ll have enough money to buy a domestic beverage at this show. Not there yet. But I might be taking my Tootsie Roll bank in to get all these coins converted to paper later. So we’ll see how the counting goes! Whoever thought I’d be the greatest grown up?

Shannon and the Clams is a good band. They play Mercury Lounge tonight with Las Rosas (they also play 285 Kent on Saturday). Shannon and the Clams do something I once called “surf-doo-wop-garage-punk.” I clicked on their linked band name and saw what I said, see? And when I said that on 4/17/13 I think I really nailed it. But you can let this well shot and informative 14 minute video about the band tell you the same thing, if you want… albeit in different words and meanings and textures and tones. No big deal.

Finally for tonight. The lovely easy cool cat breezy Frenchman, Anoraak, leads a good lineup of dance-y DJs at Santos Party House late late late tonight. And it’ll be a party. With streamers and goodie bags and punch and cake and things. And it’ll sound a little something like this DJ mix Anoraak did below.

(please note: streamers and goodie bags and punch and cake and things not a guarantee nor even slightly based in reality.)


Saturday - November 23rd, 2013 A.D.

You can’t go wrong with any of the bands at Shea Stadium tonight. Unless you’re the type of person who doesn’t prefer to see good bands. The lineup is Porches + Sirs + Shark? + Radical Dads. Again. All good bands. But let’s talk about Sirs for a second. Because they make loud and pretty punk straight outta Purchase and they’re really good and therefore I like them.

(I recently wrote dynamic words about Sirs all by myself! No press release required! Made it, Ma! Top of the World!)

Sirs should try and tour with Cymbals Eat Guitars (time has rendered that old profile terrible - don’t click over and read it) sometime. Because that would be a good really 1-2 punch (so much punching this week! so much violence!). And it’s funny I mention Cymbals Eat Guitars because in totally serendipitous and circumstantially coincidentally RELATED news, Cymbals Eat Guitars happen to be playing tonight too! At Knitting Factory. And when this band blasts their melodic noise I feel it straight in my heart. Especially when they (with help from Cursive) cover songs like “Hey Jealousy” by the Gin Blossoms - an UNDERRATED MODERN ALT POP GEM - from an album that was a staple in every Used Record Store’s bargain bin - deal with it.

Crocodiles and Wymond Miles present “THE RHYMING NAMES TOUR” at at MHOW tonight - co-hosted by Julia Stiles and J Geils and the guy from “Frasier” who played Niles. And fine. OK. You got me. Cool. Those co-hosts I mentioned technically fall in the “not true” category. But this dynamic web copy isn’t supposed to be rooted in your so-called “reality,” mannnn. You want real? You really wanna stop being polite? OK. Real talk time. True spit sesh. Crocodiles and Wymond Miles are both good. And you should go see them. The end. And my wasn’t that boring and I hope you’re happy now.


Sunday - November 24th, 2013 A.D.

The Bowery Electric is doing “A Concert in Memory of Lou Reed” tonight. A bunch of people are playing, including members of TV on the Radio + The Vaccines + The Voidoids + The Virgins + Drowners + Light Asylum + some more special secret situations. It’s all about Lou Reed. So consider going. And when it’s over immediately fly-fly-fly-fly far away from a once dirty boulevard. Unless you have to first pick up something from the Whole Foods that’s right over there. Do that. And then fly away. Fly-fly-fly-fly far away from a once dirty boulevard.

Caspian + 65daysofstatic + The World is a Beautiful Place and I’m no Longer Afraid to Die (so happy for you! - but why did you let Fiona Apple and Explosions in the Sky team up to name your band?) play Bowery Ballroom tonight. Lots of crunchy emotive guitars lurking here. On that same once dirty boulevard.


That’s it! That was The Best Shows This Week! So tell me! What did you think?

Cricket sound. Cricket sound. Tumbleweed blows.

Use this area to weep.


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