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The jonbenet

August 9, 2006
So I guess I'm still rocking my screamo phase, because the same week that I was finally able to stop listening to Genghis Tron (for now anyway...), I discover Houston's The jonbenet. While as a general rule, I'm not a fan of naming your band after a dead little kid, I must admit that these guys are pretty sick (in a musical way).

This is more of that spazzy noise that is akin to canned peaches -- either you love them or you don't. If you like GUITARS, doom, death, destruction, and singers who permanently impair their vocal chords, check out The jonbenet. Somehow I don't think the blogs will be all over this band, but screw those guys. This is for fans of bands like Blood Brothers and Swing Kids (and if you think I'm referring to the movie Swing Kids, you would definitely HATE the jonbenet), and for those who aren't easily frightened.

The jonbenet play Knitting Factory, on Monday, August 14th.


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