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The Best Shows This Weekend!

November 04, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

Alright. Enough of this dickying around. It’s time to get serious around here. This week, you and I are both here for one thing and one thing only. To figure out what the hell to do about this damn deficit. It’s a damn shame, and not a shame a problem, and that forever spinning digital damn deficit clock on 6th avenue and 44nd street has been trying to tell us this since 1989!

So let’s figure it out. But I want to talk to you about The Best Shows This Weekend while we both think. Sometimes it helps with problem solving to do one thing while you’re thinking about another. I believe this is called “multi-tasking,” which is like rubbing your belly and patting your head at the same time or reaching for a cookie right as you change the channel.

Anyway, put your thinking caps on, man. Yer gonna need ‘em. It’s time to get serious. And time to stop all this damn dickying around.

Thursday - November 7th, 2013 A.D.

Built to Spill play Irving Plaza tonight- which I guess is their favorite venue because that’s the only venue I seem to remember them playing here in the last ten years. Do you like Built to Spill? Oh, yeah? What’s your favorite album? “Perfect From Now On,” huh. Yeah. I’ve heard that choice cited frequently. That’s a good album. But my favorite is “There’s Nothing Wrong With Love.” So, you know, I’m not sweating it either.

The following Built to Spill song is the best song to play on a bar’s jukebox on a Thursday night at the end of Happy Hour. Try it sometime. It fills the place with transcendence.

Fat History Month is a really good duo from Boston (part of the family of good bands on the excellently up-and-coming record label, Exploding in Sound) whose off-kilter “indie rock” a.k.a. “college rock” a.k.a. “post-something” reminds me of Oxford Collapse. Do you remember Oxford Collapse? Highly underrated. SMH. RIP. Anyway, they play Death by Audio tonight. (Palehound is also playing this show - and Palehound is really good too - i’m not sure why i’m putting this in parentheses - it’s not like i’m trying to keep it, like, a secret*).

(*you saw that, right? what happened right there? now that’s dynamic web content).

The B-52s play Brooklyn Bowl tonight. And once, I got an angry email from someone associated with someone who was associated with that band because they were listed as B-52s (without the “The”, you see) on the site. Or, something like that. Maybe it was the other way around. i was too busy giggling. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that we worked it out, this person and I. Defcon 1 was not reached. And WW III was successfully held off for at least one more day. Because this is serious guys. This is the music industry.

Other notable shows = Deer Tick at Webster Hall + James Blake at Terminal 5 (already mentioned) + Com Truise (DJ set) at Paper Box + The Chain Gang of 1974 at Mercury Lounge.


Friday - November 8th, 2013 A.D.

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest starts tonight at various venues (in Brooklyn!) and goes through Sunday. It features a lot of good music (made by instruments you plug in!). Oneohtrix Point Never + The Magician + Star Slinger + Pete Tong (if you haven’t seen the incredibly funny comedy, “It’s All Gone, Pete Tong,” you must...immediately) will be twiddling their knobs and turning their levers and calibrating their wires and pulleys for you. Others will be too. Click that link and more cryptic secrets shall be revealed.

Also, speaking of festivals. The New York Comedy Fest is going on right now too. We listed the best shows in our separate comedy list. Did you know we had a separate comedy list? That’s OK. We understand. It kind of gets buried sometimes. But here - I’ll link our seperate comedy list for you. Isn’t that a funny list? Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Good loud punks, Heeney, play The Grand Victory tonight. If you like this song, you should go see them. Because this is pretty much what you’re gonna get.

Stepdad play Brooklyn Bowl tonight. You will like this band if you like epic 8-bit power-pop. But not everybody does. Because not everybody likes happiness. And these people must have been stepchildren.

Lucero play Terminal 5 tonight with Titus Andronicus and The Menzingers. Here’s a good Lucero song in honor of this occasion. Listen to it. More in a minute.

Now, I know this isn’t Oh My Movieness, but I can’t help it. I just drift along upon the wings of whim, man. So I wanted to tell you that you should really see this movie, “Shotgun Stories.” The Lucero singer’s (Ben Nichols) brother (Jeff Nichols) directed it (...before he directed “Take Shelter” and “Mud”). Anyway, it’s really good. And Lucero is all over the soundtrack. Including the song I just posted. You see? These things all come together, mannnnn. The world is one.

Other notable shows = Widowspeak/Pure Bathing Culture/Spires at Bowery Ballroom + The Low Anthem at Brooklyn Night Bazaar + Sinead O’Connor at City Winery (huh. weird.) + Os Mutantes at (le) poisson rouge.


Saturday - November 9th, 2013 A.D.

A lot of the goodness tonight I’ve already mentioned to you in dynamic passing. Stuff like Oneohotrix Point Never and The Magician and Pete Tong playing the Brooklyn Electronic Music Fest (but at different places). And I already talked about The B-52s and Sinead O’Connor and Justin Timberlake, for some reason. They’re playing at The Capitol and City Winery and the palace that is the Izod Center, respectively. And some funny peeps are doing their New York Comedy Fest thing. Again. This Fact. Mentioned. So I’ll talk about some more stuff now. But just remember, it’s not as light out there as it looks.

It’s Diarrhea Planet’s world. We’re all just pooping uncontrollably in it. The happy punks (along with Lovely Bad Things + Desert Sharks) play Glasslands tonight. Diarrhea Planet really like guitars. And anthems. Me too. Because I’m not some kind of monster.

There’s another FREE show at Brooklyn Night Bazaar tonight. This one is Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (well that all sounds very twee) + Ski Lodge + Pearl & The Beard. Remember what I said last week about this place though. The assorted precious alt trinkets you will find here are definitely certainly 100% NOT FREE.

And Alkaline Trio and New Found Glory play The Paramount (and tomorrow at Terminal 5, but that’s not really here nor there). And I’m not saying go or not go. I’m just saying this slick pop punk band did an admirable job with this cover of probably the best song on the “Pretty Woman” soundtrack.

Now, I know it’s not Oh My Movieness over here, but “Pretty Woman” is one really, really good.........just kidding that movie was born sucky and it will die sucky. LOL! ROFL! HASLFHSDOFWEORUEWOFNFSDHFDBF!!!!


Sunday - November 10th, 2013 A.D.

Those wacky freak-folkian Casady sisters, CocoRosie, play a FREE show at Brooklyn Bowl tonight. You have to RSVP though - or as I like to say, “you have to répondez, s'il vous plaît.” Did I just look up “what does RSVP stand for?” and then copy and paste the results? Or, is my French simply magnifique? I will never tell. Also, did you know CocoRosie are from the USA but formed in Paris? And it all comes together once more, mannnnnnn.

Vancouver’s Destroyer (Dan Bejar’s forever lo-fi pop thing) plays a solo show at Bowery Ballroom tonight (with Pink Mountaintops). And before Arcade Fire was but a glint in Mrs. Butler’s eye, there was Destroyer, man. Ask Merge Records. They’ll tell ya.

Finally, Kavinsky plays his retro smooth dance electro at Webster Hall. And yet again, this thing comes back to “Drive.” I have no idea why. I just float upon the winds of the whim, man. This concludes The Best Old Films This Week by Oh My Movieness.


YES! I got it! This whole time we were chit-chatting, I was also thinking about the country’s deficit crisis (as per our earlier discussion) and I just now thought of how to fix it! And the answer is so simple! It’s so clear! And it was right in front of our faces this whole time! You see, when you really………...wait, I better fill up my cereal bowl again before getting into this…I’ll need the chocolate carbo energy and we may be here awhile…..don’t go anywhere be right back fast time me!


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