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Young Adults: super solid stabby (?) jabby (?) post-whatever goodness.

August 26, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

Ho-hum, just another solid up-and-coming band from Massachusetts, ho-hum. Boston’s Young Adults are a guitar/bass/drums band featuring brothers Chris and Kurt Villon (I literally just got done writing about Bambara - another trio in which two of the dudes are brothers - and that’s one epically kewl story, Suckness) and longtime pal Danny O’Neil.

These three dudes make angular-fied (well it’s a word now) post-punk that’s all stabby and jabby and shouty but also has some pretty guitar melodies/solos. It can melt your face if you let it. And the way you let it is you go right up to Young Adults before they play and say “Melt my face, please.” And then they will. Because I’d like to think they’re solid dudes like that.

The band lists some of their influences which I will now re-list for you: Sonic Youth + Fugazi (they also list their sound as “Shoegazi”) + Mission of Burma + My Bloody Valentine + Wipers + Unwound. And I always love when bands list their own influences because that means I don’t have to think of anyone to compare them to. Yep. Keeping it real and lazy since 2004. (OK. Fine. Roomrunner. If you like Roomrunner, you’ll like Young Adults). As of this writing, Young Adults are scheduled to play a show with two of my other recent favorite up-and-coming GUITAR bands, Big Ups and Weird Womb. So there’s two more comparisons for you. Sure. Why not.

Below is a good EP. If you stream it, it just might melt your face. It’s called “Born in ‘91.” And obviously this song is a work of fiction. Because, as we all know, there is no way someone born in 1991 could quite possibly be a young adult at this point. I mean, 1991 was just like a few months before yesterday! Seriously, right? Right? Hello? Guys?

(Holy shit, one more year and they can even rent a car at the regular rate.)

Young Adults play Los Globos, on Wednesday, September 4th.


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