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PUP. This is. Punk. Rock.

August 26, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

YES. More loud music made by Toronto punker rockers. Man...what is it with that town these days, anyway? Why do they get all the good loud punker rockers? Save some for 99.99999% of the rest of HUMANITY, man. I mean...METZ...Greys...The Soupcans...Odonis Odonis...and that’s just naming the bands I’ve recently profiled. (Granted, naming four other bands doesn’t make it seem like Toronto is the center of the punker rocker universe...but I’m sure there are others...I just don’t know them….yet. But give me time, dear Rockness reader. Give me time.)

These four guys are more than just loud punker rockers. I’m not trying to pigeon anybody’s holes here. In fact, maybe they’re not even punker rockers. Maybe this is just straight pop (shouted not sung) that rides the crest of a thrash-y, clamorous wave. Sure, there may be high decibels involved but these high decibels are accessible, man. (Wait. Did that “wave” nonsense from before make it sound like these guys have some of that “surf” sound in them too? Because they definitely don’t have that thing going on. PUP will not make you think Brian Wilson or Phil Spector. At all.)

So who will PUP make you think of? (that solid segue assumes you know how to read parentheses). Well, I’d rather let them tell you that. “Built to Spill, Weezer, The Bronx, Queens of the Stone Age, Hot Snakes…” and then they go on to list some more influences. This is all from their Facebook “About” page, btw. Because this is hard hitting music journalism. This is a music blob. This is serious. This is real life.

In closing, if you like your bands to be good - you will like PUP. Now I’m going to chill out, maybe take a shower, (I’m not dirty I just deserve the pleasant break), and then wait for another good loud punker rocker Toronto band to fall in my lap and further support my theory that that city is totally not fair to the rest humanity. Some provinces get all the luck.

PUP do not have any shows scheduled....yet....but save them using your MY ROCKNESS ACCOUNT and we'll let YOU know when they're playing NYC... as soon as WE know. Cool? Cool.


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