Exclusive Premiere: Gross Relations - Out of Reach - Oh My Rockness

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Exclusive Premiere: Gross Relations - Out of Reach

August 21, 2013
Gross Relations is a good band. And "Out of Reach" is a good song. In other words, we like the way their notes sound. So we feel good about being able to premiere it here on our good blob.

The band's really new album was released on Old Flame Records yesterday* and cassette tape culture is better because of it.

(*which of this writing was August 20th, 2013 - just so you know- because we might leave this premiere track up on Rockness forever - and you could be reading this in 2027 or something - also, is private space travel a thing yet? - did Branson bro figure it out or was it some other dude? - lemme know when you can - thx).


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