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The Best Shows This Week!

July 1, 2013

Written by Patrick McNamara

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Now. Let’s move on and talk about The Best Shows This Week! There’s a lot of goodness to get to. But first. Let me do something real quick. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Boom. Letters and words don’t die. They just multiply. FOREVA!!!!!

Monday - July 1st, 2013 A.D.

Let me tell you something on the up and up. This week starts slow. And tonight is no exception. Never say I don’t tell it to you straight. Never say I don’t shoot the arrow from the hip. Yes, there are some bands playing tonight. But you can just click that link right below this to see who. It’s just better that way. If everything is always amazing......(that’s right, you saw The Incredibles once too).....nothing is. Will you remember that? Shhh. Say nothing. That’s a deal.


Tuesday - July 2nd, 2013 A.D.

Deafheaven play Saint Vitus tonight (with Marriages). And Deafheaven is one brutal and beautiful band. Have you heard their new record? Whew! (Phew!) It’s a doozy of destructive decibel deliciousness (alliteration is funny and is bad writing because it is true). I’m personally really looking forward to this show. And impersonally, here’s a sourced recording of a taping of some studio moments. Granted, this song rules. But it still doesn’t do Deafheaven justice. See them live. And open a new door to perception. Or, stay at home and consider your laundry. It’s your journey, man.

The rest of tonight is just so to the so. Asi to the asi. Know what I mean? Again, you can just check the link below. But the world won’t stop turning if you do or don’t check it. Shoot. Hip. Arrow. Straight as hell like William to the Tell. (I don’t know, dudes. It fills up lines.)


Wednesday - July 3rd, 2013 A.D.

The Teen Age play Pianos. They’re poppy fuzzy boozy and are one of those good, up-and-coming kinds of bands. If you prefer a down-and-going kind of band, I can’t help you. But I know of some aggregating online robots who might be able to give you a whole data dump full of them. Let me know and I’ll direct you there. I’ll bring the torch to burn the spiders. You bring the whip to strangle the bats.

Dah-dah-dah-da dah-dah-dah-da. Dah-dah-dah-da dah-dah-dah-da. Dah-dah-dah-da dah-dah-dah-da. Dah-dah-dah-da dah-dah-dah-da. Dah-dah-dah-da dah-dah-dah-da.


Thursday - July 4th, 2013 A.D.

Happy Birthday, you loveable crotchety young old country you. My first Manwich is dedicated to America today. You can bet your sweet stars on that.

There are three good shows tonight. There’s Deafheaven. We already talked about them. There’s The Feelies at Maxwell’s (if i don’t think too hard, the tears will never come). But if you miss that good-since-forever band (seriously. forever. if these stegosauruses could talk), they’re also playing the next night and the next night. Maybe we’ll talk about The Feelies later in this space. Only the gods know.

So that just leaves Ex-Cops at this hip new club called MoMA (I see they’re already running with the trendy AlL CaPs sMaLL CaPs “cool” naming thing - good luck with that flash-in-the-pan trend grab, MoMA). And you know what they say. The last band standing gets embedded! They say that. I’m sure of it.

All that stuff is happening tonight. Today, I will simply lie content eating Manwich after Manwich on generic brand bun after generic brand bun from sea to shining sea.


Friday - July 5th, 2013 A.D.

OK. Here comes that pep. Things start to get a little better now. Not the writing, mind you. The shows. It’s always been about the shows.

Speedy Ortiz + Roomrunner + California X + Sediment Club play Death by Audio. I feel like I talk about Speedy Ortiz + Roomrunner a lot. And I’m fine with that. Pleasant words have been written about California X too. So for the sake of mixing up the goodness, here’s a song by raw weird punks, Sediment Club - a band led by Austin Julian, son of Ivan Julian (Voidoids + ½ of Austin) and Cynthia Sley (Bush Tetras + other ½ of Austin).

The two-day Gigawatts festival kicks off tonight The Silent Barn. There’s a bunch of solid up-and-coming local bands playing. One of these local bands is Team Spirit. Hey! I just wrote about them! That’s so funny! So, so funny. And now, here’s a video of them playing for you too. I’m just the gift that just keeps on giving today. OD’ing on Manwiches must turn a person kind.

Knitting Factory has a whole bunch of good retro power rock bands on this “bill” (music industry insider slang term). Nude Beach + Prince Rupert’s Drops + Pop Zeus + (DJ) Hector’s Pets. That’s a whole lotta good guitar right there. A whole lotta good guitar.


Saturday - July 6th, 2013 A.D.

Maybe now we’ll discuss The Feelies. It just feels right. This is the last night of that three-night run they’re doing at Maxwell’s - most probably the last time these oddball indie pop vets will ever play there. And that’s significant because The Feelies have played Maxwell’s hundreds of times over the last 4 decades. Well. Maybe not hundreds. But I don’t know. Maybe so. I’m certainly not going to research and count all their appearances from 1978 to 2013. For I have much more important things to do. I have data entry to do!

Tonight is the first night of Monkey: Journey to the West at the David H. Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. It’s a fast-moving explosion of creativity from Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett (co-creators of Gorillaz). Albarn was also in Blur. But you knew that already. It’s about these five fantastical characters on a quest for the holy scriptures in India. To make it come to life for the stage, they use Chinese acrobats, martial artists, contortionists, singers, lights, sights and sounds and (read this extremely important part carefully) BOOM BOOM BOOM. Because that’s how you’ll feel. It’s a trip. And it runs through July 28th.

Also, She & Him and Camera Obscura play Central Park Summerstage. And Frankie Rose plays a FREE show at Brooklyn Museum too. Just thought you should know. I’m not going to put in a video by either of them though. I’m going to do this video instead. Because that’s what I’m eating right now. Aaaaaand that’s not true - it’s just a straight BANGER.


Sunday - July 7th, 2013 A.D.

The week that doth start slow doth endeth slow. From dust we were born to dust we shall settle. So for now let us all rise up to meet the mighty wind and soar where only the eagles dare fl......oh, nevermind that now, nevermind that. Here’s the deal. There AIN’T A WHOLE LOT GOING ON tonight. (Shoot. Straight. Hip like the tip of William Tell’s arrow.) But you know what? that’s OK. I’m OK. You’re OK. And everybody will always be fine. This downtime just gives us all the chance to find goodness in other ways. It’s all around, after all. Don’t get me wrong. Shows can be really good. But so can, like, taking a walk to the mailbox to mail a letter or something, man.



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