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OMR's T.G.I.T.W.

February 07, 2013

It’s the weekend! Well, almost! Actually, future you might be reading this right now when it’s already over! I guess it kind of depends on where we are in the whole time vacuum that is writer v.s. reader! Which is really weird when you think about it!

Here are the good shows happening this weekend.

Friday, February 28th, 2013. A.D.

Big Snow has a solid line-up all around. I love when that happens and I can stay in the one place for the night. Blame the human condition. But this wish for permanence is particularly ideal on this night. Because those who are supposed to know are saying we may get 3 inches of snow Oh, wait. Or maybe 30. They said it's going to be one or the other - 3 inches or 30 inches - but no big deal. The solid line-up for this one is Alan Watts + Yvette + Absolutely Free + Breeding Program.

Eraas lead the charge at Death by Audio. They are dark, warm, spiritual, sinister and rewarding. And that I DON'T back down from.

Madison Square Garden has a massive one. As they always do. Because it’s Madison Square Garden. But this massive one features some former child alts who are now alts all growns up ---> Passion Pit + Matt & Kim + Icona Pop.

Sunglasses play a FREE (always gotta CAP IT - I don’t know why) show at Matchless. I can get behind that.

These guys below. The legendary guitar jingle-jangle on these guys below. Am I right? Right.

The exceptional Don Giovanni record label begins their three night showcase at Music Hall of Williamsburg. A stand-out is Waxahatchee. Isn’t this song so sad in that sublime sort of way? No, not THAT Sublime. She doesn't practice "Santeria."


Saturday, March 1st, 2013. A.D.

Just another one from these guys real quick. Because come on. How good is this song that was written in 1989, right? Right.

The mighty return of Aesop Rock. I kind of lost track of him post-that-song-below days. He’s probably been up to something cool since then, though. I’m certainly not going to bet against him.

Andrew Cedermark + Prince Rupert’s Drops are leading Silent Barn towards the beauty and the light.


Sunday, March 2nd, 2013. A.D.

Chrome Canyon opens for Beak> (remember the rule from last week: true alts use symbols in their band names now). A typical Chrome Canyon show is basically an exceptionally fun lazer light show. But instead of listening to someone like Pink Floyd (one of the most overrated rock bands of all time right alongside The Doors but that’s a conversation for another time) you’re listening to...wait for it....Chrome Canyon. Boom.

Hospitality + Ex Cops are playing Brooklyn Bowl. And it’s so easy to attend. You just need to find a child to go with you. It’s not called KidRockers because it’s cool to call grown-ups kids -- as in, “What’s up, kid? How did that mortgage refinancement go?” It’s called KidRockers because it’s for kids. Get it? Cool.

Mice Parade has been good forever. Or so it seems. That’s happening at Knitting Factory.


So that’s the news from this weekend. Where are all the shows are strong, all the bands are good looking, and all of us are above average.


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