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The Best Shows This Week!

January 28, 2013

Well. It’s finally the last few days of January, friends. And then it’s on to February. Ahhhh, February! How we have longed for you so! February! February! That most glorious month where the light returns to triumph over the darkness and the flowers bloom and life is reborn all again once more! Oh, wait. Maybe I’m thinking of April. Like....late April. Damn. February might actually be the month that holds the same amount of despair and darkness as January. February might be a little worse, even - because you think you’re close to finally freeing yourself from the grip of winter’s misery - but you’re not really - your logic has just been short-circuited by the coldness of delusion - and that’s not a light at the end of the tunnel you see - that’s just the shadows of your mind freaking out. So that sucks.

Any-who, enough about all that. There are some good shows this week! I love good shows! I love them so much!

Apparently, Palma Violets are refusing to leave our city. Maybe they were smitten and simply overwhelmed with the magic that is the Times Square M & M store, I don’t know. Anyway, these jingle-jangle garage punks from The England are playing yet again this week. Twice. In the same night. At Glasslands. (Mon - 1.28) and Pianos (Mon - 1.28). Geez. Good thing they’re good.

Good comedy (yeah, we list comedy shows too) at Littlefield early this week too - led by Wyatt Cenac + Neil Brennan. And without Neil Brennan and his more famous partner, we may never have had this classic scene of American cinema. (Mon - 1.28)

Not a show, but Peter Hook (New Order + Joy Division, you know? Yeah. You know.) is reading from his book at Powerhouse Arena (Mon - 1.28) and the Strand (Tue - 1.29) this week. Sometimes those kinds of things can be alright - so we’re going to give this one the benefit of the doubt.

Cat Power (the crazy names these kids come up with today!) plays Terminal 5. (Tue - 1.29) She’s tortured.

Long ago Oh My Rockness show alums (we'll always have 2006 at The Annex, guys), Titus Andronicus, play Brooklyn Bowl (Wed - 1.30). I shall like to attend that one. Wanna come?

There’s a free double DJ* situation (*that’s some type of insider slang abbreviation, still researching what it stands for, but this article needs to go live on the site, so I’ll update later) between The Vaccines (probably the hardest word to consistently spell correctly...besides 'rhythm') and The Denzels (I tell you what; they WERE that alcoholic pilot - in my opinion, it’s really the role that restored them to Glory) at 70 N. 6th (Wed - 1.30). So go see two good bands on “the decks” (another insider slang term - you see, DJs originally used to spin while standing on playing says Altavista anyway).

Buke and Gase play Bowery Ballroom (Wed - 1.30). You’ll always be Gass to me, guys. You’ll always be Gass to me.

I know nothing about these guys playing Public Assembly (Wed - 1.30). Nothing. But I like the beats in that jam of theirs that you'll hear if you'll click that link. Just thought you should know.

The mighty Quicksand continues their reunion march with two shows (w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars) at Webster Hall (Wed - 1.30 - Thu - 1.31). Next time I see you, remind me to tell you the story of how I got punched in the nose when I saw Quicksand this past summer at Bowery. Or, I could just tell you now I guess. Last time I saw Quicksand I got punched in the nose. It was fun.

Hooray for two good bands playing on the same bill at Glasslands (Thu - 1.31). I love when that happens.

But which two good bands on the same bill should you see that night? Because The Vaccines (real show this time) + DIIV are also playing. (Terminal 5 - Thu - 1.31). Tough call. Well, think about it. Pray about it. Meditate. Search yourself. And then trust your gut. You’ll make the right call. I know you will. You know why? Because I believe in you. That’s why.

Daniel Avery is a straight-up club thumper from London. He’s playing the FIXED party at Glasslands (Fri - 2.1). You should go. And I should mind my own business.

The Most Popular upcoming show on all of Oh My Rockness (according to you) happens this week at Webster Hall! (Fri - 2.1) We like to tease. So you’ll just have to click to see who it is. If our site traffic goes up because you do - so be be it.

Lots of good shows this weekend too - these shows include Parquet Courts + Local Natives + Baby Dayliner + Hooray for Earth (for the little girls and guys this time) + Andrew W.K.’s something + The Hairs + well....Sunday is the Super Bowl so.....Sunday isn’t going to change your life in the good show department. But Saturday is alright.

Enjoy your last few days of January. February will be the start of....more of the same! So get excited, guys. Get. Excited.



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