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The Best Shows This Week!

January 21, 2013
Let's talk about the best shows this week. Or, if you'd rather, we can talk about something else. My time is your time. We can spend it together however you wish. I guess I just assumed that if you were on Oh My Rockness reading this now you would want to read about good shows. But you know what they say about assuming - it makes an "ass" out of "u" and "ming." And Ming's a stand-up fella and deserves better that that. So if you want to talk about, um, the upcoming Super Bro where the opposing teams are each coached by a Har Brah - lemme know. But if you don't give an alternate topic of discussion in the next fifteen minutes - we'll assume from your silence that you want to talk about the best shows this week. It's ok. We’ll wait........

Your silence speaks a thousand inaudible words. Let's begin. There are some really good shows going on this week. I don't even know where to start. So how about I start at the beginning. It's a very good place to start, don't you think?

Christopher Owens is playing a couple nights at Bowery Ballroom this week (Mon - 1.21 - Tue - 1.22). I suggest you pre-game it with a few pewter steins at Medieval Times before the show. It'll set the mood for the bewitching merriment you will later hear.

Jane Eyre is playing Cameo (Mon - 1.21) and quite frankly I'm unclear as to why it isn't a bigger deal that a classic novel is doing a small intimate show some 150+ years after its publication.

Did you know we also list comedy shows on Rockness? There's a good one with Reggie Watts + Wyatt Cenac + other non-linkables are at Littlefield (Mon - 1.21). But there are a lot more good funny ha-ha ones this week too. You should check out our comedy shows list.

Ex Cops + Hunters play Glasslands (Tue - 1.22). What's great about that is I recently wrote about both of these good up-and-coming bands. So that's always fun when that happens. It just shows you how everything is connected and everything goes full circle and everything is illuminated, man. But maybe that's just my white russian talking. No, it's me. It's always been me. And you. Together. Forever. Man.

I like Widowspeak. Do you like Widowspeak? If so, great! If not, I respectfully value your misguided opinion, too! (Mercury Lounge - Tue - 1.22)

Ducktails (uh-wee-ooo!) have an album release party at le (poisson) rouge - a venue that's impossibly in New York City and not France. By the way, that new Ducktails (uh-wee-ooo!) album is really good. (Wed - 1.23)

Majical Cloudz play Death by Audio (Wed - 1.23). Devin Welsh's machine-made-in-Montreal beats are so good he doesn't even need spell check. Who needs spell check when you've got a friend in Grimes? Not sure the logic there - but I'm trusting my gut that the logic will work itself out.

Palma Violets are playing Glasslands (Wed - 1.23) and at 252 Norman (a Brooklyn alt space situation) (Fri - 1.26). If you hate guitars and good music that's made by them, then DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOW. If you like guitars, cool! Go! And go early to check out new band, The Teen Age. From what I've heard, I like their soundz.

Four good bands are playing Mercury Lounge (Wed - 1.23). We're not going to tell you who they are. You'll have to click to see. Got to keep things spicy around here after 8 years, you know? Yeah. You know.

Shall we dance? The xx + Austra are playing a couple of big time shows at Hammerstein Ballroom (Thurs - 1.24 - Fri - 1.25). I love going to shows at ballrooms. Because it's fun to jump around in them. Although Chuck E. Cheese will always be king of the ballrooms to me. Got to give props when props are due.

Iceage are playing 285 Kent (Fri - 1.25) + Home Sweet Home this week. It's going to be a very well-attended show. Understandably, too. I've always felt it to be Ray Romano's crowning voice-over achievement. And Denis Leary's performance as the saber tooth tiger (is he bad? is he good? is he.... both?) is surprisingly nuanced, too.

Lots of other good shows this weekend too. Let's list the names of more best bands playing this week - and then make those names link to a page that has all the particulars. Would that be fun? Great! Chrome Canyon + Heavenly Beat + Zammuto + Hilly Eye + Sleepies + King Dude + Caveman (for the little bros) + Big Ups + Scott & Charlene’s Wedding + Literature + more more more how do you like it?

No. I'm asking. How do you like it? You know, all I get is silence from you. What's up with that? But that's ok. I still love you guyz. I still think you guyz TOTESLY RULEZ (can I get a 'lil help with the spell check on that, Grimes?)




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