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The Best Shows This Week

January 02, 2013
The week after New Year's is always jam packed with great live musical rock 'n roll concerts. Oh wait. No it's not. Just telling you how it is. Must we all speak exclusively in hyperbole, dear Rockness reader? Must we?! So while there's not a whole lot going on, there's still stuff going on. You know? Yeah. You know. Because this is New York City. And even on an off week, we still suffer from an embarrassment of show riches.

So let's quickly chit-chat about the good stuff happening this week. Pull up a chair. Or, stand. Whatever makes you comfortable. Here we go: Sleepies shred - go see them (Dead Herring - Sat - 1.5).

Also, anytime Life Size Maps - you should at least consider going, particularly if you like going to see good bands. Dinowalrus is playing that one too. (Glasslands - Sat - 1.5).

Pilot to Gunner are playing Saint Vitus. Click their band name and my favorite song of theirs will play. The magic of technology today, I tell ya. I hear the kids today don't even know what a dial tone is. That's messed up.

Twerps are playing. Twerps are good (a running theme with this thing). You should go see them too. And not to guilt you into going or anything, but they DID come here all the way from Australia. That's on the other side of the WORLD, don't you know. And they came all the way from the other side of the world just to play....for YOU. I'll see you there. (XPO 929 - Sat - 1.5).

And there's some more stuff. But again, not THAT much stuff. Every week doesn't have to be the GREATEST WEEK EVERRR!!!!, friends. We don't always need to be going 100 miles per hour. Sometimes 35 mph is just fine.



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