The Oh My Rockness Pre CMJ Kick Off Show - Monday, October 15th @ Pianos!

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The Oh My Rockness Pre CMJ Kick Off Show - Monday, October 15th @ Pianos!

October 8, 2012
We recently told you about our official CMJ show @ Cameo Gallery. But we're not here to talk about that show again. We're here to talk about our show at Pianos the night before! We asked 5 up-and-coming bands we like to play. They said YES.

So come out to Pianos on Monday, October 15th. You can buy advance tickets for $8 or you can grab them at the door.


Scott & Charlene's Wedding (11pm) - This is Australia originated (NYC now) fuzzy laid-back messy garage punk that's casually addictive. Now let's play everyone's favorite game, "Band Comparisons!" Think maybe The Soft Pack meets Surf City meets Ty Segall. Oh yeah, if you are a fan of the Underwater Peoples record label (as I am), you most likely will be INTO Scott & Charlene's Wedding. They rule, don't you know.

Infinity Shred (10pm) - Infinity Shred's drawn-out, space-y songs take their sweet time getting into their groove; but once they get there... look out because you've just been hooked. Did you ever like those early Trans Am albums from way back when? I did. Infinity Shred kind of reminds me of those couple classics... meets Com Truise... meets Fang Island... meets I almost made it through without mentioning Nintendo. Basically, Infinity Shred makes jams that'll take you to Mars, man.

Life Size Maps (9pm) - Using an array of traditional and non-traditional instruments (a car's metal suspension coil... a Steinway with screws in its strings... or weirdest of all, a cello), this trio manages to create epic and euphoric noise rock that sounds like no other epic, euphoric band that has come before them. And since the history of music spans a few million years (hieroglyphics were simply Cavemen scratching rhythms on the walls, don’t you know), I’d say this is pretty darn impressive. But if you had to do the band comparison thing, I'd say maybe No Age meets Melt-Banana meets... man, I don't even know. Go see them play and you'll see for yourself what I mean.

Murals (8pm) - Murals are a new band from Louisville that has a super smooth sunshine pop sound that's incredibly easy on the ears. But it's not sunshine pop in that super bright way (like Foster the Pumped Up People or whoever). It's sunshine pop in that super.... chill way. Yeah. I just said chill in 2012. But that's what this is. What do you want me to do? (Their debut EP is called "On a Passing Cloud," guys.) Think of Murals as somewhere in the middle of the easy breezy spectrum between Ariel Pink and Real Estate. But there's definitely a retro acid mushroom flower power thing at play here too. If these guys could get a hold of a time machine I could see them shooting the bird or kicking the can (this is the late '60s remember... that's how people talked) with the Mamas and the Papas or even Crosby, Stills and Nash (not sure about Young though, you know?).

Noxious Foxes (7pm) - Brooklyn's Noxious Foxes are two men + one guitar + one set of drums = awesome. Now granted, I barely passed Geometry (you're telling a square is a rectangle but a rectangle isn't a square? Well sheeeeet, I may not be no Pythagorean Theorem master, but I manage) yet I know math-rock when I hear it. And this is math-rock. Nice and brutal and pretty and loud math-rock. This has those math-rock rhythms that go up and down and all over the place and my ears shall follow them wherever they lead... always and forever... until the end of time. Remember Hella? Noxious Foxes remind me of them. And that's a good memory.

SHOW INFO & TICKETS: Scott & Charlene's Wedding + Infinity Shred + Life Size Maps + Murals + Noxious Foxes play the Oh My Rockness Pre CMJ Kick Off show, at Pianos, on Monday, October 15th.


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