The Oh My Rockness Official CMJ 2012 Show!

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The Oh My Rockness Official CMJ 2012 Show!

October 8, 2012
YES. Our official CMJ show is at Cameo Gallery, on Tuesday, October 16th. And it's going to RULE. We asked 6 bands who rule to play our show. And being the ruling rulers they are, all 6 bands said YES. I love when that happens.

Hey, it's also our 8th birthday! So come out and party with us. CMJ badge holders get in free. Advance tickets for the badgeless are available HERE for $8 and a limited number of tickets will also be available at the door ($10).


Chrome Canyon (12am) - Using a bunch of vintage synths and other analog awesomeness, Morgan Z makes amazingly melodic instrumental electro that would fit right at home on the "Drive" soundtrack. And oh yeah, you can dance to this too. Chrome Canyon's debut album is out NOW on Stones Throw.

Metz (11pm) - BAM! BAM! BAM! And then it's over. That's essentially the experience you'll have listening to Metz. You'll get beat up and then you'll be sad your pummeling didn't last longer. f you don't want a show that will make you want to explode all over the venue's walls, I can't say I blame you. It's a messy experience. But I also can't say you won't be missing out. If I'm going to splatter to pieces, at least it was a GUITAR and a BASS and DRUMS and DISTORTION that destroyed me. BAM! BAM! BAM! (And now it's over.)

Roomrunner (10pm) - From the ashes of Baltimore's hard hitting, Double Dagger! DD drummer Denny Bowen's new band, Roomrunner, hits it hard, too. This furious band of four (in the studio Bowen plays all the instruments himself) reminds me a little bit of a slightly more accessible Lightning Bolt meets a less accessible Nirvana. Roomrunner themselves say they're "Foo Fighters covering U.S. Maple." That's a great call.

Moon King (9pm) - Toronto's Moon King are a noisy indie-dream-garage-experimental-punk duo that sounds like a fun '80s pop party that's been punked up and blasted out by the happier cousin of My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields or something. Or, maybe Matt & Kim meets The Thermals meets Rich Aucoin. Pick whichever you want of those two descriptions and run with it. I won't mind. The most important thing you should probably know is that Moon King is meant for happy times.

Mood Rings (8pm) - Mood Rings are a lo-fi-dream-pop-psych-shoegaze band (sorry for all the hyphens, but it had to be done) that play warm and swirly jams. These jams will most likely make you feel less stressed out. Their easy-going haze and chilled-out ways will convince you that everything will be OK and if things won't be OK then oh well, because there is nothing you can do about it anyway. Might as well get wasted and listen to some good jams, right? Right!

Heavenly Beat(7pm) - Ahhhh. What a perfectly pleasant band to open a party. This is the type of music to recline to, the type of music that takes stress and headaches away... unless you had 18 pina coladas as you were relaxing to this, of course. Then you'd just think Heavenly Beat was puke-pop. But that's not a Heavenly Beat issue, that's your issue of not knowing when to say when. Get help.

SHOW INFO & TICKETS: Chrome Canyon + Metz + Roomrunner + Moon King + Mood Rings + Heavenly Beat play the Oh My Rockness CMJ show, at Cameo Gallery, on Tuesday, October 16th.


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