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King Tuff is here. Now let's go out and mix things up.

June 4, 2012
Remember when we wrote about a Happy Birthday and told you that singer Kyle Thomas was in another band called King Tuff? Yeah, I didn't think so. But pretend you do remember, and then pretend you're excited to finally know what this King Tuff band is all about. Thanks for pretending!

And bud, you've come to the right place. Because we're here to tell you that King Tuff is a band that plays super catchy garage-pop with a hint of a doo-wop sock-hop vibe. Mystery revealed! And the music made is much more precious than the name King Tuff implies. You'd think a band named King Tuff would want to throttle you before throwing you off a cliff or something. But no, these Tuff-y dudes just wanna chill out and booze with you.

As for band comparisons, I'm mostly sticking with what I said for Happy Birthday: Girls, The Smith Westerns... maybe the late great Jay Reatard. But here's something new: how about I say that King Tuff sort of sounds like that one band that sang that song "That Thing You Do" for that movie I never saw... but like a drunk, blown out version of that band. How about that?

King Tuff play a FREE (w/ RSVP) SHOW @ Cobra Lounge, on Sunday, July 15th.


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