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Kindness: smooth synth soul jams.

May 14, 2012
I love Kindness. Well, I love the music. I don't love the man - because I don't know the man. (I know his name is Adam Bainbridge and he's from the UK, so that's a good ice breaker). But I sure do love his music.

Kindness makes extremely well-crafted electronic synth soul pop that will make you get up and dance to some of the smoothest beats you've never heard before. Or, this will make you just want to slide between the sheets for a little of the old in-out in-out. Yeah. You know what I mean. You know. This is so good that I'm seriously thinking his upcoming album World, You Need a Change of Mind on Terrible Records (the Grizzly Bear guy's label) is going to be a modern day alt-dance-pop classic. And I'm not just saying that to say that. I'm saying that to fill up space (no, I'm not).

As for this irresistible sound in question, imagine an even funkier (yes, I hate that word, too) version of Hot Chip with less pleasantness and more sexiness and that might get you somewhere. But it won't get you too far.

To go all the way, what you should really just do is listen to Bainbridge's entirely original jams. I have... dozens of times a day... for the last week. And I want more... I need more.

I think you're going to love Kindness; the music... not the man. You'll have to get to know the man first – wine him, dine him, and tell him how these beats complete you. Who knows, this could be the start of a beautiful relationship between you two... and me.

Stream: World, You Need A Change of Mind

Kindness plays the FIXED party at (le) poisson rouge, on Thursday, May 17th.


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