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Tron + Drive + Chariots of Fire = Chrome Canyon.

April 23, 2012

Chrome Canyon is Morgan Z. He used to be in the exceptional gone-too-soon band Apes & Androids. But I'm sure glad he's gone solo, because Chrome Canyon is GOOD.

Using a bunch of vintage synths and other analog awesomeness, Morgan makes amazingly melodic instrumental electro that would fit right at home on the "Drive" soundtrack. And the "Drive" soundtrack was just tapping into the vibe of those '80s movies, after all.

So continuing with that film theme, think of Chrome Canyon as being like the soundtrack to "Tron" meets "Chariots of Fire" (Morgan has said Vangelis is an influence, which RULES) meets that movie "Jesus of Montreal" which no one has ever seen but you should see it because it's good.

And remember that shiny silver robot with the illuminated eyes in "Rocky IV" that carried that birthday cake (complete with candles!) in to Paulie? You know, the one whose screen lit up with "Happy Birthday, Paulie" in that ubiquitous '80s green font? Chrome Canyon reminds me of that robot... and "Chariots of Fire"... and "Tron"... and "Jesus of Montreal"... and "Drive." Maybe I just watch too many movies.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to finish building my fall-out shelter. The robots and computers are about to take over the world, don't you know. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if one day computers infiltrated every home in America! It could happen.

Chrome Canyon plays the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center, on Thursday, April 26th.


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