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Nick Zammuto from The Books opens a new chapter (wocka-wocka wocka!)

April 23, 2012

Zammuto is Nick Zammuto. He was one half of The Books. The Books, a good band, are no more. Yes, that's sad. But it's also entirely ok, because Zammuto is just as good and very similar in futuristic alt-electronic style.

Still using computers and other assorted gadgetry, Zammuto creates extended, experimental (whatever that means) pop songs that are highly accessible and powered by a craftsman's (i.e. music geek's) touch. I don't know how this guy makes the sounds that he makes, and honestly I don't want to know - just like I didn't want to know how David Copperfield made The Statue of Liberty disappear (A turning stage? Gimme a break!).

All I know is that, like The Books, this is a highly original exploration of what electronic pop music can sound like if it's made with a vision incomparable to any other electro popper out there.

So in other words, no, this doesn't sound like New Order. It sounds like Zammuto... and The Books.

Zammuto plays Schubas, on Tuesday, October 9th.


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