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Strangely amazing things are happening in the world of Fur.

April 16, 2012
Denton, TX's Fur is Bryce Isbell. I do not know the man, so therefore I cannot claim that he was abducted by aliens at a young age and while on their massive metallic mothership learned the joys of electronic music before they peacefully sent him back down to his bedroom to spread to the underground music world all that had been taught to him (he, of course, wouldn't remember any of this).

I can't claim that, but it seems to be a more than plausible theory. How else to explain these otherworldly sounds the man makes as Fur? When this gets cranking, I find myself wanting to make a tower out of my mashed potatoes and search for the hidden meanings of the universe. Of course, I also just kind of just want to dance too. It would be a freaky dance, but a dance nonetheless.

And hey, no one ever said aliens couldn't have bouncy beats just because The X-Files theme song didn't use 'em. That was a TV show, Fur is real life. Not all spaceships have theramin rooms. The ship Fur was (possibly) on just had a whole bunch of sweet synth dens.

Fur's latest album is called Witches and it's got Alan Palomo from Neon Indian on it. Other special guests include Mork, Superman, Jar Jar Binks, The Predator and Barbarella.

Fur plays 285 Kent on Saturday, April 21st and Le Bain at The Standard on Sunday, April 22nd.


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