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Parlovr: love them and they'll show you the world.

December 5, 2011
Wolf Parade? Oh, stop! Stop it already! So Parlovr are from Montreal. So Parlovr come with those slightly grungy "climactic" rock songs, often accompanied by squiggly synths and squiggly vocals and those drums that go THUMP THUMP THUMP.

Let's not just jump the gun and say Wolf Parade, because that would take all the fun out of things. And what's more fun than reading a short band profile from a small website that lists shows and stuff? Show me what's more fun than that, and I'll show you the world.

I don't even know what that means, but I do know Parlovr have all the makings to be a huge band. What "makings?" Well, melody. These three dudes have melody. And isn't that all you really need to make it big in rock 'n roll these days? Hey, sometimes they even have some harmony too. Melody and harmony make the world go round, don't you know.

And while I don't know what that statement means either, I do know Parlovr like to rock out and hop around on stage under lights that can get all flash-y surrounded by guitar feedback that can get all swirly. So this band is fun to look at. That helps with hugeness.

Show me a band from Montreal with melody and harmony who are hoppy and flashy, and I'll show you the world. Or, I'll show you Wolf Parade. (Do I hear a little Arcade Fire in the vocals too... OH STOP ALREADY!)

Parlovr plays Glasslands, on Thursday, December 15th, and Mercury Lounge, on Friday, December 16th.


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