Body Language: we be gettin' down and you know we're crushin' groovin'. - Oh My Rockness

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Body Language: we be gettin' down and you know we're crushin' groovin'.

November 14, 2011
Brooklyn's Body Language is an extremely poppy, beat-driven band (which, of course, doesn't really mean anything) that plays music meant to start dance parties. Do you like dance parties? We do. But we try not to show it when we're there because we're insecure.

So moving on, this fine crew of four use computers and synths and a vocoder (oh yeah) and even the ever-present glockenspiel to create music that I will go ahead and call "a good time." That's what should be on every bathroom bar wall in Brooklyn: "For a Good Time call Body Language."

Body Language can be compared to the sweet sounds of their recent tour mates. Glad you asked who those peeps might be! Their recent tour mates include School of Seven Bells and Passion Pit and Zero 7. Oh yeah, these guys also like to remix a bunch of good bands too and some of them are really "killer" (to talk DJ-ese) but let's not get into it right now.

Nope. Let's break it all down nice and quick; if you like catchy club thumpers made with a mixture of computation machines and honest to god real live instruments (wow!), Body Language is your band. I'm a Body Language. You're a Body Language. We're ALL BODY LANGUAGE!

Body Language plays Bowery Ballroom, on Friday, November 18th.


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