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Weekend: noise we sing in the shower

October 22, 2011
San Francisco's Weekend play noisy fuzz-pop that shines with strong melodies, however buried they appear to be under the deafening din. Weekend's songs often start as clean jingle strums in that lo-fi mode we've all come to know and love (or hate), and end up in a wall of deliciously crushing shoegaze distortion. Yes! I love it when those swirly bands tap that pedal!

As for "sounds like" bands, think the obvious comparisons like Jesus & Mary Chain meets No Age meets Sonic Youth meets their Slumberland labelmates and touring mates The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.

(BTW, I say "obvious comparisons" to absolve myself from any responsibility of coming up with original band comparisons or, better yet, no band comparisons at all that unfairly pigeonhole a band based on a lazy writer's whims... just so we're on the same page.) Anyway, this band kind of rules.

Weekend play the Fader Fort today (Saturday) @ 2:30pm.


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