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OMR Presents: Born Gold

September 20, 2011
Oh My Rockness and PopGun present Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble) with Snakes Say Hisss, New Moods and Magic Mountain DJ Set!


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California's (via Edmonton) Born Gold (formerly Gobble Gobble) is the eccentric bedroom pop project of Cecil Frena (on stage, he has a full band). And when I say pop, I mean POP. One of the Double G's poppiest of pop songs is called, "Wrinklecarver." Instantly likeable and instantly "sticky," this song can easily be a #1 summertime radio hit (if it was, you know, dumbed down a little... too many wonderfully weird synth things going on in the background for FM).

Actually, I can almost hear "Wrinklecarver" as a big-time boy band song. White suits, bowl cuts, and spin moves would go great with this. That is, if this song was... you know... lamer.

But to give you a sense just how pop this is, imagine Born Gold sounding something like, uh, the All-American Rejects (I know, I know, but stick with me here) meets Wolf Parade meets Deastro meets some 8-bit action (Fang Island/Anamanaguchi). Does that make any sense?

Listen through the distortions and lo-fi-ness and squiggly synth squeals, and I think you'll hear what I'm hearing. And what are we both hearing together? Great goddamn pop (Cecil himself calls it "flu-pop," which kind of rules). Oh yeah, Pixies fans; be sure to check out Born Gold's cover of "Where is My Mind?" You'll be INTO it... probably.


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