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Frank (Just Frank) v.s. Good (Evil).

August 15, 2011
Frank (Just Frank) is a Brooklyn duo from France. If that doesn't make much sense, neither does that no one has ever heard of these guys... yet. Frank (Just Frank) makes emotionally heavy synth-pop (with plenty of dark bass thumps) that goes to goth-y/post-punk (they say "brutal wave") Depeche Mode/Joy Division territory. And you like those two bands, don't you? Of course you do. So go ahead and give Frank (Just Frank) a shot too.

There is definitely a darkness surrounding Frank (Just Frank)'s sound. But that sound is also pretty catchy too... so think of Frank (Just Frank)'s songs as a mostly melodic battle between good and evil. Boom.

Oh yeah, if you like this band (and you probably will), you should check out Denmark's iceage. Not sure how that's relevant. Just a tip. Anyway, Frank (Just Frank), definitely makes me want to get into this brutal wave scene, should that scene actually even exist. Yep, just another good Brooklyn band from France.

Frank (Just Frank) play with Iceage (we called that one!) at Cake Shop, on Saturday, August 20th.


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