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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Buzzcocks, The Jesus Lizard, The Killers, Beck, ANOHNI and the Johnsons, Nia Archives, Helado Negro, Cursive, Perfume Genius, Gustaf (free), Sunday Soul Scream, Jane's Addiction, J Mascis, Laura Jane Grace & more!

June 6, 2024

The Killers are playing a last-minute show at Bowery Ballroom *this* Friday. Not sure if there are still tickets left since I didn't check. I just can't look, it's killing me.

Massively influential Canadian post ___ rock collective Godspeed You! Black Emperor are playing Pioneer Works in November. I love singing GY!BE songs in the shower.

More free summer shows just announced and added to our already massive Free Summer Shows in NYC list. Check it out! YOU. SHALL. NOT. PAYYYY.

Speaking of *free* shows, beloved NYC art punk band Gustaf is playing a *free* show with the similarly sick Shred Flintstone in Tompkins Square Park soon. See you there. Look for the blob.

Pretty much perfect avant-pop purveyors ANOHNI and the Johnsons have two soaring (like a bird) shows scheduled at BAM this fall. Boom. Anybody want to be my +1? Hope There's Someone.

Beck just added a second show at Carnegie Hall because he's not a loser.

The lineup for the Sunday Soul Scream summer show series on the roof of Our Wicked Lady has been announced and a bunch of really solid bands are playing from June until September. See the lineups! RIYL: the punk rock.

Nobody writes in cursive anymore (the art is hard) but everyone still loves the band. Cursive is doing a NYC-area doubleheader in November.

UK punk pioneers Buzzcocks will be bringing their steady singles to Irving Plaza this September.

Helluva songwriter Helado Negro is doing a show at the Ruins of Knockdown Center to celebrate his excellent new album "PHASOR." It's a hometown dream.

Jane's Addiction (with Love and Rockets) just added a second NYC rooftop show and Jane says you should totally go.

Nice smelling mental mastermind Perfume Genius just announced a Brooklyn show in September. Please set my heart on fire immediately.

J Mascis (of Dinosaur Jr) is coming to Racket in November. Get tickets while you still can or feel the pain of getting shut-out of a sold-out show.

Noise/hardcore/punk/rock legends The Jesus Lizard are playing their first NYC show in 5 years this December at Brooklyn Steel. Yow-za!

Wuhan, China-based indieemomathpunks Chinese Football are bringing their solid musical goodness to NYC for the very first time this fall. Go see 'em at (Le) Poisson Rouge. RIYL: American Football.

Acclaimed English producer/singer/songwriter/artist Nia Archives has some unfinished business after playing here last month and is thankfully returning to NYC sooner rather than later to play Brooklyn Steel.

Go see Laura Jane Grace on a boat.

Otherwise, we'll be at the Bon Jovi signing ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Sturgill Simpson, Been Stellar, Vince Staples, Skorts, Finom, Tea Eater, Cyndi Lauper, Swamp Dogg, Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, The dB's, Lucki, Silent Mass, Low Cut Connie, Liana Flores, Combo Chimbita, Sister Nancy, The Knocks, Quivers, Razor Braids, Amaro Freitas, Control Top, Wince, Anna Altman, The Juliana Theory, Lola Star, Milly, Lost Boy?, Sepultura, 6arelyhuman, Gladie, Bear Hands, Pokey LaFarge, BABYMETAL, Shilpa Ray, The Thing, Make-Up, 95 Bulls, Puzzled Panther, Miranda and the Beat, Local Weatherman, Panik Flower, Dad Bod, Duff McKagan and more...



06/06 Fashn, Two Point Oh, Kind Kid @ Gold Sounds
06/07 Joe Jackson @ Apollo Theater
06/07 The Killers @ Bowery Ballroom
06/07 Summer Fling, Big Honey, simmerr @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/07 Drop Dead Gorgeous, Warphole, Plastic Baby Jesus, Deaded, Child Labor @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/08 Joe Jackson @ Apollo Theater
06/08 SOTVO @ Mercury Lounge
06/08 Dumps, Rob Bryn (and the golden Legacies), Columboid @ Rippers
06/08 Local Weatherman, Panik Flower, K. Porcelain @ Secret Location
06/09 Femcel, Tonsil Hockey, Plum Vision @ Bar Freda
06/09 Sacred Heart Auto League, Billy Plastered, Cowboygirl @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/09 Miranda and The Beat, Jairito Y La Onda, Mala Vista, Shop Talk, Gargoyle, All Cats Are Grey, Genuine Connection, Dita & The Hurricanes @ Our Wicked Lady
06/09 Skeeter de Milo, Yard., Dr. Boat, Bet! @ The Cobra Club
06/10 Nettspend @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/10 Charli XCX (signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
06/11 Anna Altman, Kait Eldridge, The Heart Attack-acks @ Berlin
06/11 Phantom Wave, Husbandwife, Navel Grazr @ Bushwick Public House
06/11 Bon Jovi (signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
06/12 Cash Bribe, Dad, Challice, Deep Fake, Throbb Dylan @ Bar Freda
06/12 Heatloaf, Cootie Catcher @ Trans-Pecos
06/12 Buck Gooter, Centennial Gardens, STUY, Ships In The Night, A Place to Bury Strangers (DJ Set) @ Unit J
06/13 Chris Gethard, Michael Cruz Kayne, Milly Tamarez, Gianmarco Soresi, Christi Somers @ Littlefield
06/14 Wheavy, Bestgirl, Chammeili, Kablamo @ ALPHAVILLE
06/14 Eye Roller, Recreational Outrage, Dr. Ex & The Break-Ups @ Bar Freda
06/14 Darediablo, The Triceratops @ Gold Sounds
06/14 Darla Dean Lewis, Devon Church, Matthew Danger Lippman, Katy Rea, Dinowalrus @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/14 Tony & The Kiki, Big Girl, The Josephine Network, Le Bang, DJ Gay Panic @ Market Hotel
06/14 Pespi, Film Studies @ Pete's Candy Store
06/15 Candy Ambulance, Cousin Greg, Arklight, WAAH @ ALPHAVILLE
06/15 Vincent Blackshadow, Charlie Pants, Wyyrd @ Our Wicked Lady
06/15 Clare O'Kane, Kendall Farrell, Molly Zalman, Caleb Clark, Skorts @ The Cobra Club
06/15 Dreamcrusher, Murderpact, Tripp Jones, Fulano @ Trans-Pecos
06/16 Balaclava, Shrudd, Jug and the Bugs, B.A.D.G.E. @ Bar Freda
06/16 Marshall Crenshaw, James Maddock, The Kennedys, Rich Pagano, Chrissi Poland, Jim Boggia @ City Winery
06/16 Puzzled Panther, Telescreens, La Banda Chuska, Isaac Rother & The Phantoms, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Edan, Josh Styles @ Our Wicked Lady
06/17 Trans-Canada Highwaymen, Moe Berg, Chris Murphy, Craig Northey, Steven Page @ City Winery
06/18 Pink Siifu, Turich Benjy, HiTech, Cakedog @ Cafe Ezrulie
06/18 Keith Fullerton Whitman, Lea Bertucci, Sync Sapro @ Sleepwalk
06/18 Lagrimas, Life's Torment, High Cost U @ Trans-Pecos
06/19 Debbie Chou, Sotto Voce, GULES @ Main Drag Music
06/19 Izzy Pingrey @ Mercury Lounge
06/19 Black Science Fiction, Gabriela @ National Sawdust
06/20 Ovrkast, Chenayder @ Baby's All Right
06/20 Killick Hinds, Hari Nandu @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/20 Sunday Morning, Waiver, Off Guard, Jam Poetry, Human Fade @ Trans-Pecos
06/21 Been Stellar, High, DJ Jackson Walker Lewis (Fcukers) @ Baby's All Right
06/21 Sub T @ Trans-Pecos
06/22 Bad Cough, Looser @ ALPHAVILLE
06/22 Uncle Skunk, Wince, Screwbawl @ ALPHAVILLE
06/22 Castle Black, Le Big Zero, Onesie @ Bar Freda
06/23 Prophet Thaddeus, Genre Is Death, Billy Plastered, The Classical @ Bar Freda
06/23 95 Bulls, Prints, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Marialina @ Our Wicked Lady
06/23 Weak Signal, Shannon Lay, Paul Spring @ Sundown
06/23 Colle, Coleman.X, Bobby Peppermint @ The Sultan Room
06/24 Neon Dreams, BYRNE, Ben Rodrigues @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/24 Penny, Nite Music, Hasty, Familiar Looks @ Our Wicked Lady
06/24 Fall Of The Albatross, The Astral Cadance, Unsee @ Purgatory
06/24 DJ Silky Smooth, Awksymoron, The Rosenbergs @ Sundown
06/25 Closet Goth, Holy Wisdom LLC, Miss Teen America, Crab @ 18th Ward Brewing
06/26 Vanessa Carlton @ City Winery
06/26 The Hoodies, CRS Culture @ The Sultan Room
06/26 Stingray, Savage Pleasure, The Follies @ TV EYE
06/27 Goodnight Sky, Zelnaya, Red Velvet Supreme @ Our Wicked Lady
06/27 Concrete Boys @ S.O.B.'s
06/27 Concrete Boys @ S.O.B.'s
06/27 No Good With Secrets, OK Cuddle, Better Living, Nowhere @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/28 Fixations, Aim For The Bushes, Stutterboy @ 18th Ward Brewing
06/28 Aaberg, Noble Beast, Marji, Kira Skye @ Bar Freda
06/28 Border House, Christina Ward, Science and Charity @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/28 Liana Flores @ Rough Trade NYC
06/29 Awful Din, Good Looking Friends, No Jersey @ 18th Ward Brewing
06/29 Di Ivories, Shyness, Beeyotch @ ALPHAVILLE
06/29 Eye Roller, Navel Grazr, The Plebs @ East Williamsburg Econo Lodge
06/29 Lacey Spacecake, Luxtress, Genre Is Death, NY$ @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/29 The Altogether @ Main Drag Music
06/29 Eli Escobar @ Olly Olly Market
06/29 Skorts, Tea Eater, Balaclava, Debbie Dopamine @ Our Wicked Lady
06/29 Lucas Abela, coi_n, Seth Seabolt @ Stone Circle Theatre
06/29 Sham 69, No Consent @ The Meadows
06/29 Tall Girlfriends, Jean Rohe, Eliza Edens @ The Owl
06/30 Groove Garden Recital @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
06/30 Make-Up, Abby Jeanne and the Shadowband, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Eweck @ Our Wicked Lady
06/30 Gustaf, Shred Flintstone @ Tompkins Square Park
07/01 Glasslands @ The Kingsland
07/04 Special Guests, Balaclava, Cronies @ ALPHAVILLE
07/06 Joopi, Little Slugger, Komodos, Church Crush, Endearments @ 18th Ward Brewing
07/06 Quantic, Marco Weibel @ Good Room
07/06 Eli Escobar @ House of Yes
07/06 Nate Mendelsohn, Jason Burger, Mike Haldeman, Josh Crumbly, Julia Easterlin @ The Owl
07/07 Lydia Lunch, Comatosed, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Desi B, DJ Flaca @ Our Wicked Lady
07/07 Jack Flowers and the Petal Tones, Lady Lychee, Crab, Loud Eye @ Stone Circle Theatre
07/07 Hudson Freeman, Dead Gowns, Donnie Gumbo, The Clearwater Swimmers, Riley McBride, Darn It @ TV EYE
07/08 Phoebe Arose, Noah Barker @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/08 Menstrual Tramps, Drunken Rampage @ Gold Sounds
07/10 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy @ City Winery
07/10 Fake Dad, Susannah Joffee @ Elsewhere
07/10 Dalton & The Sheriffs @ Racket
07/10 Karl Blau, Permanent Moves, Joey Slater @ The Bowery Electric
07/10 Looms, Fun Facts, Miracle Drug, Togs @ TV EYE
07/11 Slut Magic, Savage Youth, Rosa Bordallo @ Our Wicked Lady
07/12 Porcelain Vivisection, BrittleStar, Neel Ghosh @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/12 Apes of the State, Rebelmatic, Jo Mercado @ Gold Sounds
07/12 Edy Modica @ Littlefield
07/12 Beth Million @ Mercury Lounge
07/12 Cheo, Locobeach, Los Consentidos De La Casa @ The Sultan Room
07/12 Swamp Dogg, Jonathan Toubin @ The Sultan Room
07/13 Silent Mass, King Bug, City Ice, These Wild Flowers, Orange Peel Mystic @ 18th Ward Brewing
07/14 Bloodshot Bill, TeleVisionaries, Lenny Kaye (Late Night Guest DJ), Jonathan Toubin, DJs Marc & Miriam of Kicksville Radioi @ Our Wicked Lady
07/14 The Most @ The Broadway
07/15 Shawn Colvin @ City Winery
07/15 Surfer Joe, Wiped Out @ The Meadows
07/16 Shawn Colvin @ City Winery
07/16 Abby Volta, Esther Kohl, Jenny Alien @ Mercury Lounge
07/16 So Whack, DMT, Salem Moon @ Our Wicked Lady
07/18 His Lordship, Ma'am, Torture and the Desert Spiders @ Heaven Can Wait
07/18 Sour Fiction, Patrick O'Neill, Gloom East, Ilykare @ Stone Circle Theatre
07/18 Janelle James, and more! @ The Bell House
07/19 Zero Point Energy, Anna Altman, Talulah Paisley @ Berlin
07/19 William Alexander, Mery Steel, Adam Lytle @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/19 Frida Kill, Depresion Tropical, Non Residents, The Errorists @ Rippers
07/20 Moon Sand Land, O. Wake, Miirrors, Melan, Glitter Etiquette @ 18th Ward Brewing
07/20 Soup Dreams, Fasting, Whirlybird @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/20 We Weren't Invited, Dazey Doom, Gun, Holiem @ Gold Sounds
07/20 Ziwe @ Joe's Pub
07/21 Ganavya @ Joe's Pub
07/21 Servants, Redout, Rivera, Komodo, Cellarhead @ Mercury Lounge
07/21 Shilpa Ray, The Men, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Captain Heartlock @ Our Wicked Lady
07/22 Ava Panza, VincentA, Yasmina @ Mercury Lounge
07/23 Oddisee, Good Company @ City Winery
07/24 Milly, Lola Star @ Elsewhere
07/24 Youth In A Roman Field @ Littlefield
07/27 Sue Your Landlord, Ava Raiin, Kira Skye, Minaxi, Hit @ 18th Ward Brewing
07/27 Blind Girls, We Were Skeletons, Heavenly Blue, Kiande Amedha, Burial Dance @ Gold Sounds
07/27 The Darts @ Littlefield
07/27 The Expresse, Nearest Neighbor @ Mercury Lounge
07/28 Cigarettes For Breakfast, Percocet, Hesitant, Phantom Wave @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
07/28 Secret Band, Evolfo, Flasyd, Bipolar, The Knight Shades, Wifeknife, Calamity Glamour, Ruby, Fabulous Roman Candles, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Joel Stones, Leah Beth, Drew Redmond @ Our Wicked Lady
07/28 Marcyline, Astro Nick, Deerest Friends, Autumn Rhythm @ Stone Circle Theatre
07/29 Mom Rock, The Thing With Feathers @ Mercury Lounge
07/30 Sarah Katherine Lawless, Chloe Berry, Tether, Damon Smith @ Arlene's Grocery
07/30 Beck, Orchestra of St. Luke's @ Carnegie Hall
08/01 PYNKIE, Lumberob, Whirlybird @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
08/01 4batz @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/04 Mwenso & The Shakes, The Josephine Network, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Amy Housewine @ Our Wicked Lady
08/06 Ice Spice, Cash Cobain @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/07 Kaitlin Butts, Ken Pomeroy @ Brooklyn Made
08/07 Ice Spice, Cash Cobain @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/08 Action Bronson, Dr. Bachlava and Human Growth Hormone @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
08/09 Action Bronson, Dr. Bachlava and Human Growth Hormone @ Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall
08/10 HyunA @ Irving Plaza
08/10 Shane Guerrette @ Mercury Lounge
08/10 The Juliana Theory @ Racket
08/11 Mez, Yoshi T., Justicexavier, Annabelle Kline (DJ Set) @ Baby's All Right
08/11 The Thing, Certain Death, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Crecia @ Our Wicked Lady
08/13 Moon Walker, Moon City Masters @ Baby's All Right
08/13 Laur Elle, Lyncs @ Mercury Lounge
08/15 Peter Stone, Leche Malo, Emily Jeanne Brown @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
08/15 Dad Bod, Orua @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
08/15 The Moth NYC GrandSlam @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/15 Billy Wylder, Alea @ Our Wicked Lady
08/16 Helado Negro @ Knockdown Center
08/16 The Dead Bolts, Dallas Wax, Uncle Skunk @ Our Wicked Lady
08/17 Siamese Bikes, Fish House, Pencildive @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
08/17 Crown The Empire, Dark Divine, Capstan, Oni @ Irving Plaza
08/17 Laughing Stock, A Sword @ Stone Circle Theatre
08/18 Ghost Funk Orchestra, Tilden, Jonathan Toubin, DJ Kim The Beat @ Our Wicked Lady
08/22 Marinara, Super Cassette, Nona @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
08/22 SHENSEEA @ Webster Hall
08/23 Qi Ming, Dogwood Gap, Sockeye @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
08/23 Chalk Talk, Hiding Places @ Mercury Lounge
08/24 Classixx, Fundido, Ale Benitez @ Circle Line Cruises
08/24 Nettspend, OsamaSon, Yhapojj, xaviersobased, Zuro, Glosuka, Jugnino @ The Brooklyn Monarch
08/24 The Knocks (DJ set) @ The Rink at Rockefeller Center
08/25 Nick Waterhouse, Jensen and the Sweethearts, Jonathan Toubin, Vee Vee, Todd-O-Phonic Todd @ Our Wicked Lady
08/27 Lucki @ Brooklyn Paramount
08/29 Homixide Gang @ Webster Hall
08/30 Bulldozer, Horns and Hooves, Savage Pleasures, Savage Pleasure @ TV EYE
09/01 Tony & The Kiki, Skorts, Jonathan Toubin, Tenosh (DJ) @ Our Wicked Lady
09/01 Omni, TVOD, Venus Twins, Valley Girls, The Licks, Michael Karson, and more! @ TV EYE
09/06 Life of Agony @ Rocks Off Concert Cruises
09/06 Joe Russo's Almost Dead @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/06 Family Dinner, Somerset Thrower, Latewaves @ Union Pool
09/07 Omar Apollo, Malcom Todd @ Forest Hills Stadium
09/07 Joe Russo's Almost Dead @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/08 BLK ODYSSY @ Bowery Ballroom
09/08 Mortiis, Sombre Arcane @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
09/09 ASTN @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
09/10 Daniel Nunnelee @ Baby's All Right
09/11 Buzzcocks, LOVECRIMES @ Irving Plaza
09/11 Vanessa Collier @ Mercury Lounge
09/11 Jane's Addiction, Love and Rockets @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/13 Asha Imuno @ Baby's All Right
09/13 Shovels and Rope, Al Olender @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/13 Christian Lรถffler @ Racket
09/15 The dB's @ White Eagle Hall
09/17 Perfume Genius @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/17 Laura Jane Grace (and The Mississippi Medicals), Catbite, Taylor Hollingsworth @ Rocks Off Concert Cruises
09/18 Epik High @ Brooklyn Paramount
09/18 Vandelux @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/19 Bea & her Business @ Mercury Lounge
09/24 Liana Flores @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/27 Joel Corry (DJ set) @ The Rink at Rockefeller Center
09/28 Marianas Trench, Cassadee Pope, Piao @ Irving Plaza
10/01 Jess Glynne @ Terminal 5
10/03 Ganavya @ National Sawdust
10/04 Gracie Abrams, Role Model @ Radio City Music Hall
10/05 Quivers, Razor Braids @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
10/05 Gracie Abrams, Role Model @ Radio City Music Hall
10/06 Gracie Abrams, Role Model @ Radio City Music Hall
10/08 NSQK @ Baby's All Right
10/09 Calum Scott @ Beacon Theatre
10/10 The Sheepdogs, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown @ Racket
10/11 Noah Gundersen, Abby Gundersen @ Brooklyn Made
10/11 Nia Archives, maleigh zan, HiTech @ Brooklyn Steel
10/11 Amaro Freitas @ National Sawdust
10/12 Alfie Templeman @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/12 Amaro Freitas @ National Sawdust
10/12 Sepultura, Obituary, Agnostic Front, Claustrofobia @ Palladium Times Square
10/12 NERO @ Webster Hall
10/13 MDC, Urban Waste, Soji @ Gold Sounds
10/13 Chinese Football @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
10/13 Kameron Marlowe, Jake Worthington @ Webster Hall
10/16 Skinshape @ Brooklyn Made
10/18 ANOHNI and the Johnsons @ BAM: Brooklyn Academy of Music
10/18 6arelyhuman, That Kid @ Elsewhere
10/18 Alex Warren @ Racket
10/18 Vince Staples @ Terminal 5
10/18 Billy Bragg @ Webster Hall
10/18 Low Cut Connie @ White Eagle Hall
10/19 ANOHNI and the Johnsons @ BAM: Brooklyn Academy of Music
10/19 Sturgill Simpson @ Forest Hills Stadium
10/19 Cave In, Coalesce, Nรธ Man @ The Meadows
10/20 Maria Becerra @ Terminal 5
10/20 Protest The Hero, Kaonashi, '68 @ Warsaw
10/21 Joe P @ Bowery Ballroom
10/23 Will Hoge @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
10/25 Marc Scibilia @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
10/25 Pokey LaFarge, The Tailspins @ Racket
10/30 The String Cheese Incident, Stolen Gin @ Brooklyn Paramount
10/30 Cyndi Lauper @ Madison Square Garden
11/01 Bear Hands, Worry Club @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/01 Cursive, Gladie @ White Eagle Hall
11/02 Set It Off, From Ashes To New @ Mulcahy's Pub and Concert Hall
11/03 Cursive, Gladie @ Bowery Ballroom
11/06 Duff McKagan @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
11/09 Marvelous 3 @ Irving Plaza
11/09 Night Tapes @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/13 Odie Leigh @ Bowery Ballroom
11/14 Finom, Meg Elsier @ Baby's All Right
11/16 Happy Landing, Arts Fishing Club @ Knitting Factory NY at Baker Falls
11/18 BABYMETAL @ Terminal 5
11/19 Zach Templar @ Baby's All Right
11/21 Forest Blakk @ Bowery Ballroom
11/21 Strongboi @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/21 Godspeed You! Black Emperor @ Pioneer Works
11/22 J Mascis @ Racket
11/24 Carol Ades @ Baby's All Right
12/07 Brass Against @ Gramercy Theatre
12/11 The Jesus Lizard @ Brooklyn Steel
12/14 Mess, The Templars, No Time, Vaxine, 45 Adapters @ The Brooklyn Monarch









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