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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Crumb, Yo La Tengo, Men I Trust, Dino Jr, U.S. Girls, Jeff Rosenstock, Hannah Jadagu, Buck Meek, GUM, Alex Lahey, Damien Jurado, The Smoking Popes, Kevin Devine, Molly Burch & more!

May 25, 2023


Knockdown Center's always excellent Outline Festival returns this summer with performances by Crumb, U.S. Girls, Model/Actriz, Grace Ives, Palm and more tasty musical morsels.

The mighty Yo La Tengo is headlining a Voice of Gowanus Fundraiser in, yep, you guessed it, Gowanus and the big day's coming soon.

Men I Trust + TOPS = a perfectly dreamy indie pop pairing at Terminal 5 this November.

Mesozoic Era sludge maestros Dinosaur Jr. are doing a little 7-show run in Brooklyn this December. Look alive when tickets go on sale tomorrow or feel the pain.

Jeff Rosenstock leads a real solid lineup all-around at Terminal 5 in September with support from Gladie and Sidney Gish.

Australian indie rocker Alex Lahey is doing a *free show* at Rough Trade in a couple weeks. RSVP for entry. YOU. SHALL. NOT. PAYYYYYYY.

GUM (ft. Jay Watson of Tame Impala/Pond) is travelling from the other side of the world this fall to play their sticky psych-y songs for you.

Buck Meek (of Big Thief) is playing a solo show at Racket this October. Bet money it'll be sweet.

Maker Park Radio's 6-year Anniversary Music + Arts Fest is happening on Staten Island this summer with sets by Kevin Devine, Geese, GIFT, Thus Love and more.

Rising NYC artist Hannah Jadagu is set to perform songs from her super solid Sub Pop debut album Aperture at Bowery Ballroom this fall.

Stellar Seattle songwriter Damien Jurado has two juicy dates at The Opera House and White Eagle Hall this September.

Chicagoland pop punk heroes The Smoking Popes are playing the meadows this September. Still rocking after 30+ years even though they were born to quit.

Molly Burch, Miya Folick, Pool Kids, The Airborne Toxic Event (fourth show added), Gorilla Biscuits (second show added), Ambar Lucid, Breanna Barbara, Sarah Sherman, Pharmakon, Bongzilla, They Hate Change, John Carroll Kirby, Tiwa Savage, Sir Babygirl (free), Save Ferris, Temple of Angels, Roosevelt, Moon Taxi, Billy Idol and more...




05/26 Sailor Boom @ Baby's All Right
05/26 Miracle Sweepstakes, Her Dark Heaven, Shrine for the Black Madonna, Big Motor Queens @ Bar Freda
05/26 Push-Ups, Bedridden, DJ UCarly @ Heaven Can Wait
05/26 99 Neighbors, Trent the HOOLiGAN @ Mercury Lounge
05/26 Hot Milk, LYELL @ Mercury Lounge
05/26 Bad Vacation, Dr Monika Demmler, Baabes, Sex Fixx @ Our Wicked Lady
05/27 Herbert Holler (My House) @ Mercury Lounge
05/27 A Very Special Episode, The Black Black, Pleaser @ Our Wicked Lady
05/27 Sunshine Spazz, Castle Black, Good Deli @ Union Pool
05/27 Tape Hiss (ft. mbrs of Sonic Youth / Modern Lovers etc.), Descendent, Freddie Krueger, The Rude Mechanical Orchestra, PÚYALOAHÍ @ Woodside Queens Festival
05/28 Marcyline, Golder, Salamander, Caitlin Starr @ Trans-Pecos
05/30 Yo La Tengo, Marc Ribot, Martin Bisi (Collective) @ Public Records
05/30 The Living Roomers, Joelle Bensaid, Sophie Cozine @ Rubulad
05/30 Barrsheadahl, Pyrrhon, Sire, Murderpact @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/30 Currency Audio, Smomid, Rob Interface, Pyron @ Trans-Pecos
06/01 Occupy the Disco @ Elsewhere
06/01 Big Wreck, Mick's Jaguar @ Gramercy Theatre
06/01 Mons Vi, Richie Quake, Nautics @ Pianos
06/01 Atlas Engine, Diary, Lukka, Endearments @ Rubulad
06/01 Caleb Michel, Darius Jones (Quintet) @ Shift
06/01 Spayce Raynger, Red Racecar @ The Delancey
06/01 Kate Finley, Calytrix, Papo Cucaracha Vertedero el 3ro, Pide Ayuda @ Trans-Pecos
06/02 Resistance Revival Chorus @ Hudson River Park - Pier 45
06/02 The Dracu-Las, Sean K. Preston, Ratas En Zelo @ Maker Space NYC
06/02 AceMo, NIKS @ Nowadays
06/02 Climates, No Kill, North By North, AK & the Hallucinations @ Our Wicked Lady
06/02 Dakota Jones, Blue Mena, Themme @ Rubulad
06/03 The Big Easy, Abby Jeanne, Sara Devoe, Telescope Club @ 18th Ward Brewing
06/03 corook, Olivia Barton @ Baby's All Right
06/03 Ivy Sole, The Dragon Sisters, Sir Babygirl, New York City's Gay Men's Chorus, Huda Asfour @ Brooklyn Museum
06/03 Miracle Sweepstakes, Phantom Signals, Harper Love @ East Williamsburg Econo Lodge
06/03 Nervous Triggers, Revelatours, Walk The Wire, Goddamn Wrecks @ Maker Space NYC
06/04 Lookout Honeys, Ward Hill Boys, Kerbivore, High Chiefs @ Maker Space NYC
06/04 Optimo @ Public Records
06/05 The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Our Wicked Lady
06/05 Ringing, Unrecovery, Sun Organ, Plastic @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/06 Lil' Ugly Mane, True Body, Loosey @ The Brooklyn Monarch
06/06 Savage Pleasure, Lathe of Heaven, Rigorous Institution @ TV EYE
06/07 Jae Soto, Charlotte Jacobs, Nnux @ Trans-Pecos
06/08 Alex Lahey (performance + signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
06/09 Telescreens, Cab Ellis, Mila DeGray @ Mercury Lounge
06/09 deem spencer @ Rough Trade NYC
06/09 Kareem Rahma, Tiny Gun, Sahib Singh, Parlor Walls, Sophie Zucker @ Union Pool
06/10 Cohort B, Mighty Joe Castro and the Gravemen, Lip Critic, Boz Boorer and the Cocket Pox @ Maker Space NYC
06/10 Vosh @ Mercury Lounge
06/10 Wild Yaks @ Rockaway Bazaar
06/11 Our Own Yokos, The Flesh Junkies, Gamma Ghouls, Enrage @ Maker Space NYC
06/12 Royal Blush, T.S. Tadin, Third Street, Living Things @ Our Wicked Lady
06/12 Lionmilk, Club Diego, Tesia, Blue Mena @ The Sultan Room
06/17 Love Letter, OOF!, Freak Bag, Lame Drivers @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/17 Mesh, ExWhite, Bedridden, Scarlet @ Gold Sounds
06/17 Various Artists @ Governors Island
06/17 SHYBOI, False Witness @ Nowadays
06/17 Nita Strauss, Lions at the Gate, The Muckrakers @ The Meadows
06/17 Talon, Julesy, Pop Music Fever Dream, Spit/Kiss @ TV EYE
06/18 Buff Ginger, Hang Him to The Scales, Velvet, Silent Mass, Percocet @ 18th Ward Brewing
06/18 Halation, Glass Mask, DMT @ Bar Freda
06/19 Hills To Height, Social Creatures, Spicy Dreams, Komodos @ Our Wicked Lady
06/20 Jelly Kelly, Karabas Barabas, Coupy, Young Bugs @ Our Wicked Lady
06/20 Paris Paloma @ The Sultan Room
06/21 Warm Body, Kenny Truhn, Cool Dead Woman, Janna Pelle @ Our Wicked Lady
06/22 The Racquets, Gilded Lily @ The Sultan Room
06/23 Red Baraat @ Hudson River Park - Pier 45
06/23 Julia Easterlin, Innov Gnawa @ The Owl
06/24 Night Spins, Uncle Skunk, T.S. Tadin, Mooncult, Whaat, Good Deli @ 18th Ward Brewing
06/24 Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, Neal Francis @ NYCB Theatre at Westbury
06/24 Joe Lally (Fugazi), Pete Stahl (Scream), Guy Picciotto (Fugazi), Don Zientara, Antonia Tricarico @ Rough Trade NYC
06/24 Temple of the Fuzz Witch, Restless Spirit, Green Inferno @ The Kingsland
06/24 Back to Yours, The Rosenbergs @ The Sultan Room
06/25 Drew Gardner, Kendraplex, More Klementines @ Union Pool
06/27 Petty Walker, The Re-Animators, Greg Lou @ Mercury Lounge
06/27 Gatekeeper, Nate Boyce, Barb Wire @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/27 Starbenders, The Haunt @ The Sultan Room
06/27 Breanna Barbara @ Union Pool
06/29 Emmit Fenn (DJ set) @ Elsewhere
06/29 Annahstasia, Shamiqua Wilson, Cleo Reed @ Public Records
06/29 Brain Famine, Ultor, Hexpyre, Battle Emblem @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/30 Bryson Tiller @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
07/01 Ciel, Overland, Day Cart, Wigwam @ Good Room
07/01 Dominic Sen, Sadie, Rachel Lime @ Purgatory
07/01 Live Skull, Skull Practitioners, Kilynn Lunsford @ TV EYE
07/02 Ricky Stein, Best Breakfast, Small Chucks @ Mercury Lounge
07/04 The Carry Nation, Kim Anh, Flixbussy @ Public Records
07/06 John Reynolds, Carmen Christopher @ Union Hall
07/08 Kevin Devine, Geese, GIFT, Thus Love, Vega Maestro @ Maker Space NYC
07/08 Jivebomb, The Grand Scheme, Dead Last, Collateral, Beg To Differ @ TV EYE
07/08 John Reynolds, Carmen Christopher @ Union Hall
07/11 Greg Cartwright, Dave Amels, The Elevator Operators @ Union Pool
07/13 They Hate Change @ Market Hotel
07/13 Sarah Grace White, Lou Tides @ Sleepwalk
07/14 LOIF, Deep Creep @ Public Records
07/14 Savage Master, Traveler, Sanhedrin @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/15 The Pink Spiders, The Iron Roses @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/17 your arms are my cocoon, Oolong, Godfuck @ The Meadows
07/17 Good Looks @ TV EYE
07/20 K Camp @ Racket
07/20 Fust, Sister, Office Culture @ The Broadway
07/20 A Very Special Episode, Colatura, Ilithios @ The Sultan Room
07/21 Mx Lonely, Tombstone Poetry, Ringing, Bromeo @ Gold Sounds
07/21 Gracie and Rachel, Lip Talk @ Public Records
07/21 Brandon Wardell @ The Bell House
07/22 Amtrac @ Circle Line Cruises
07/22 Pasha and the Kindred Spirits, Lemming Suicide, Pleasure Dome @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/22 Eli Paperboy Reed, The Freddy DeBoe Band, B-Mack, Brewster Moonface @ Maker Space NYC
07/27 Sir Woman @ Brooklyn Made
07/27 Candace Newmaker, Effervess, Bridge Enthusiast, PLAY @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/27 Samsara, Bastardane @ Mercury Lounge
07/28 Future Crib, The Medium, Lava Gulls @ Our Wicked Lady
07/28 Tiger Sex @ The Kingsland
07/28 Pharmakon, Mayuko Hino, Evil Moisture, Kevin Drumm, Pedestrian Deposit, Burning Star Core, and more! @ TV EYE
07/29 Blue Material, Nancy Whitaker, Jules on Expo @ Berlin
07/29 Spaced, Wreckage, Excide, Rabbit, Godskin Peeler @ Mona Liza Studios
07/29 Pool Kids, Sydney Sprague, Chase Petra @ The Sultan Room
07/31 Rosetta, Som @ Saint Vitus Bar
08/02 Crosslegged, b o t @ Elsewhere
08/03 NIKI @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
08/04 AceMoMa, INVT, Caotica, Riobamba, Ushka @ Elsewhere
08/05 The Airborne Toxic Event @ Bowery Ballroom
08/05 OUTLINE with Crumb, U.S. Girls, Model/Actriz, Grace Ives, Pelada, Palm, Club Intl @ Knockdown Center
08/08 Orthodox, Chamber, Momentum, Cell @ Saint Vitus Bar
08/09 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Jeremih @ Barclays Center
08/10 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, Jeremih @ Barclays Center
08/11 Witchaven, Traitor, Tower, Non Residents @ Saint Vitus Bar
08/17 Laxcity, Nebita @ Elsewhere
08/17 Sarah Sherman @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/17 Save Ferris @ Racket
08/17 The Anchor, Execution Day, Along Came a Spider @ The Kingsland
08/18 Blessthefall, Caskets, Kingdom of Giants, Dragged Under @ Gramercy Theatre
08/18 Temple Of Angels @ Union Pool
08/19 Louis The Child @ Brooklyn Mirage
08/19 Save Ferris @ Starland Ballroom
08/22 Jackson Browne @ Beacon Theatre
08/23 Jackson Browne @ Beacon Theatre
08/24 John Carroll Kirby @ Bowery Ballroom
08/25 Tiwa Savage @ Apollo Theater
08/25 Jackson Browne @ Beacon Theatre
08/26 Jackson Browne @ Beacon Theatre
09/02 Smoking Popes @ The Meadows
09/07 Fame on Fire @ Mercury Lounge
09/07 Jeff Rosenstock, Sidney Gish, Gladie @ Terminal 5
09/08 Wave to Earth @ Irving Plaza
09/08 Escape the Fate, Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows, Point North, Stitched Up Heart, Garzi @ Webster Hall
09/09 Gorilla Biscuits, Cold World, Fucked Up, Bib, Restraining Order, Combust @ The Brooklyn Monarch
09/12 Billy Idol @ Kings Theatre
09/12 Damien Jurado @ The Opera House
09/13 Damien Jurado, Lilly Miller @ White Eagle Hall
09/20 Chris Pureka @ The Bell House
09/23 Bay Ledges @ Brooklyn Made
09/29 Kayvon Music, Dizasterpiece, Bars, Wade Wilson @ Bar Freda
10/03 Ambar Lucid @ Elsewhere
10/04 GUM (of Tame Impala) @ Bowery Ballroom
10/05 Miya Folick @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/08 TV Girl @ Knockdown Center
10/09 Molly Burch, Christelle Bofale @ Bowery Ballroom
10/10 S Y Z Y G Y X, Visceral Anatomy, lal @ Saint Vitus Bar
10/11 Hannah Jadagu @ Bowery Ballroom
10/13 PREP @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
10/18 Chappell Roan @ Brooklyn Steel
10/27 Buck Meek @ Racket
11/02 Laufey @ Town Hall
11/04 JMSN @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/05 JMSN @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/08 Miel De Montagne @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/09 Roosevelt @ Brooklyn Steel
11/10 Moon Taxi @ Brooklyn Bowl
11/10 Bongzilla, The Atomic Bitchwax, High Reeper, The Golden Grass, Geezer, Black Lung, Witchpit, Cosmic Reaper, Gozu, Luger, and more! @ Saint Vitus Bar
11/17 Men I Trust, TOPS @ Terminal 5
11/18 Mass of the Fermenting Dregs @ Elsewhere
11/18 Men I Trust, TOPS @ Terminal 5
12/01 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/02 the moss @ Bowery Ballroom
12/02 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/03 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/05 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/06 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/07 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
12/08 Dinosaur Jr. @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/14 Niall Horan @ Madison Square Garden









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