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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Liz Phair, Vagabon (free), The Hives, Scowl, Wild Pink, DOMi & JD Beck, TV Girl, Gorilla Biscuits, Winter, Squeeze, The Psychedelic Furs, Quintron & Miss Pussycat and more!

May 18, 2023


Liz Phair is performing her absolute classic 1993 album Exile in Guyville in full at Kings Theatre this fall. Tickets go on sale tomorrow. Never Said we didn't warn you.

Vagabon, DOMi & JD Beck and Geese lead Hudson Yards' sweet *free summer shows* schedule. Gonna have to actually visit Hudson Yards now. See the full lineup.

The Hives just triumphantly played NYC for the first time in a decade and now they're coming back mere months later. Breaking out just thinking about it.

Manchester, England post ___ shoegazers Working For A Nuclear Free City have got The Hives beat though because they are playing their first NYC show in over 15 years this fall.

NYC hardcore heroes Gorilla Biscuits headline a ripper at The Brooklyn Monarch this September. Never got into this band? Start today.

Speaking of hardcore, you have the beautifully heavy opportunity to see Scowl + Militarie Gun + MSPAINT at The Meadows in September. Love when the bill rules from beginning to aftermath.

Squeeze and The Psychedelic Furs playing Radio City Music Hall in September. Tempted? The ghost in you totally wants to go.

SoCal indie pop heads TV Girl bringing the hooks and beats to Terminal 5 this fall.

LA dream popster Winter plays TV Eye this summer with razor sharp support from Philadelphia's Knifeplay.

For a good time, go dance with The Dare at Baby's All Right on Saturday (late) night and take it back to electroclash.

Speaking of Baby's, relaxed indie rockers Wild Pink are playing there this summer. Going to this should not be a stressful decision.

Little Dragon, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Genesis Owusu, Róisín Murphy, Dead Boys, Stevie Nicks, Activity, The Hold Steady, Yoke Lore, bar italia, Action Bronson, This Is The Kit, Damien Rice, Jai Wolf, Laurel Halo, Cut Copy (DJ set), Princess, Sungazer, Chris Farren, Joudy, Tetchy, Teenage Halloween, Grapetooth, Advance Base, Ben Kweller, Sarah Sherman, Scout Gillett, Gorgeous, Pons and more...




05/18 Sky White Tiger, Soft Talon, Clap Collective (DJ set) @ House of Yes
05/19 Jerrod Carmichael @ City Winery
05/19 Bonnie Kane, John Loggia, Tracy Lisk, Zilmrah, Adam Lane @ Trans-Pecos
05/19 Deadname, M.A.L.A., Breakaway, DJ Brood @ VERS :: Clothing for People
05/20 The Dare @ Baby's All Right
05/20 Nico Play, Sister, Carol @ Purgatory
05/20 Pair of Sloths, Karabas Barabas, Whoah, Wayne Sayre's Well Trained Monkey @ Rockaway Bazaar
05/20 Rival Schools (Q & A / signing) @ The Skinny Bar
05/23 Tits Dick Ass, Pop Music Fever Dream, Suburban Speed, Femcel @ Purgatory
05/24 Sasha Dobson, Christine Santelli @ The Bowery Electric
05/25 Phoebe Blue and the Make Beleaves, Not From Concentrate, The Bumbling Woohas, Rangus, OBOY! @ Trans-Pecos
05/26 London Plane, Kali Horse, Goodnight Darling @ Berlin
05/27 Hooky, People I Love, Yung Sham, Julesy @ ALPHAVILLE
05/27 Earth Dad, watergh0st @ Heaven Can Wait
05/27 Bacterial Lawn, Dad, Heavy Halo, Gall Sac, Afterlife (DJ) @ The Broadway
05/27 Richie Weeks @ The Sultan Room
05/28 Asha Ward, Sureni Weerasekera, Sarah Squirm, Auguste White, Dylan Adler, Mila Myles @ Union Hall
05/30 Peppermint, Sheer Curtains, Scout Gillett @ Purgatory
05/30 Safety Scissors, Altarpiece, Chic Fads @ The Bowery Electric
05/31 Pons, Dolly Spartans, Bosco Mujo @ Union Pool
06/01 Jo Firestone @ City Winery
06/01 Sean Capone (Q & A), Jeff Krulik, Joe Gross, Joseph Pattisal @ Nitehawk
06/01 Wish Wish, Henry Grant Band, Oropendola @ Our Wicked Lady
06/01 Eclectic Charango Beats, Chico Raro, De Raiz, Planta @ TV EYE
06/02 Standing On The Corner @ MoMA PS1
06/02 Heavy Sleeper, Floor Space @ The Bowery Electric
06/02 Emanuel Ayvas , The Eyeballs, Skyler Skjelset @ Union Pool
06/03 Hands Up Who Wants To Die, Martin Bisi, Holy Wisdom LLC, David Grant @ Bar Freda
06/03 kfeelz, Andrew Devlin, No Sir @ Good Room
06/03 Morosis, Paper Lady, Her New Knife, Trophy Wife @ Heaven Can Wait
06/03 Standing On The Corner @ MoMA PS1
06/03 xJermsx, Angel Emoji, Lulu Wav, Lexxy Jax, Speed Limit, DJ Doorgirl, Grey Hoffman, Pixikim @ Mood Ring
06/04 Bore, Memento, Moral Law, Ennui @ Gold Sounds
06/05 Action Bronson, Dr. Bachlava and the Human Growth Hormone @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/05 Leith Ross (performance/signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
06/06 Action Bronson, Dr. Bachlava and the Human Growth Hormone @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/06 Guy Picciotto (Q & A), Sean Capone, Geoff Sanoff, Sohrab Habibion, Jeff Krulik @ Nitehawk Prospect Park
06/06 Sweetbreads, The Next Great American Novelist, Her Dark Heaven, Dave Hill @ Our Wicked Lady
06/07 Robert Ellis, Belaver, Steele FC @ Littlefield
06/08 Laura Cantrell @ Main Drag Music
06/09 Highly Effective People, Roid Rage, Hundo @ Main Drag Music
06/09 Joudy, Vosh, Tetchy, Teenage Halloween @ Our Wicked Lady
06/09 Ronald Paris, Half Shadow, Matt Bachmann @ Purgatory
06/09 Mike Dude, Stephanie Marie, Shawn Ghost @ Sleepwalk
06/10 Crush Fund, Pillowinde, The Transposers, August and Nora @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/11 Torture and the Desert Spiders, Mooncult, Balloon Snake, Wifey @ Arlene's Grocery
06/11 FONT, YHWH Nailgun, Shallowhalo @ Union Pool
06/14 Kid Millions, Sarah Bernstein @ Shift
06/15 Alagator, Percocet @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
06/16 Tony & The Kiki, Homewrecker, The Bedwetters, The Josephine Network @ Our Wicked Lady
06/16 Lontalius @ Rough Trade NYC
06/16 DJ Julia Cumming (of Sunflower Bean) @ The Sultan Room
06/17 Roy Wood Jr. @ City Winery
06/17 Melanie Charles @ Nublu
06/17 Similar Kind, Wally, Trophy Wife @ The Bowery Electric
06/18 No/Mas, Knoll, Anti Sapien @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/19 Cat Piss, Don Pardo, Gorgeous @ The Broadway
06/20 Ayden Skye, Shannen Bamford @ Mercury Lounge
06/20 Cop/Out, Frida Kill, Depresion Tropical, Sick Pay @ Purgatory
06/20 ADULTS., Butthole University, The Telling Time @ The Kingsland
06/21 partygirl, Uncle Skunk, slowtoe @ The Sultan Room
06/22 May Rio @ Baby's All Right
06/22 The Life @ Mercury Lounge
06/23 BALACLAVA, CS Cleaners, Open Head, Channel/Vessel @ ALPHAVILLE
06/23 KANGA, Ghost Cop @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/23 Alicia Walter, Miles Francis, Odetta Hartman @ The Sultan Room
06/24 Bedridden, Plastic, Mana, Blush Cameron @ ALPHAVILLE
06/25 Ahleuchatistas @ P.I.T.
06/27 Lip Critic, Trip Villain, Comet @ Elsewhere
06/27 Triathalon @ Elsewhere
06/28 ZOPA (ft. Michael Imperioli), Dolly Spartans @ Elsewhere
06/28 Lojay @ Gramercy Theatre
06/28 Strick @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
07/01 Swim Camp @ ALPHAVILLE
07/01 Moon Boots, Patrick Holland, Nice Mess @ Elsewhere
07/02 Ahmed Al-kadri @ The Sultan Room
07/05 DOMi, JD Beck @ Hudson Yards Public Square and Gardens
07/05 Aggros, Kings Never Die, Point Blank @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/06 Sorry Darling, Nite Music, Dead Billionaires, Hot Knives @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/07 Cut Copy (DJ set), Midnight Mass @ Elsewhere
07/07 Skunch, Baglady, Cooldeadwoman @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/08 Henry Morris Band, Semi Auto, BALACLAVA, Real Burns @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/10 The Halluci Nation @ Elsewhere
07/10 Eaglin, Cam Cool, Lillimure @ Mercury Lounge
07/12 Vagabon @ Hudson Yards Public Square and Gardens
07/13 Pearl Earl, Dropper, Diary, SUO @ ALPHAVILLE
07/13 The Planes, Sadlands, Personal Style, Lie About @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/13 Carly Pearl, Margot & the Midnight Tenants @ Mercury Lounge
07/13 Chuquimamani-Condori (Elysia Crampton Chuquimia), Joshua Chuquimia Crampton @ MoMA PS1
07/13 Little Dragon @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
07/14 Advance Base, Young Moon @ ALPHAVILLE
07/14 Little Dragon @ Baby's All Right
07/14 Boxcutter Collective, Michael Hollis, Aisle Knot @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/14 Supertaste, French Horn Rebellion @ The Sultan Room
07/15 Squelette, Béton Armé, Loosey @ TV EYE
07/16 Activity, Spirit In The Room @ Baby's All Right
07/18 Jenny O., Luke Rathborne @ Heaven Can Wait
07/19 Sharkswimmer, Baby Fang, Shadow Monster @ TV EYE
07/20 Final Lena, Reggie Pearl, OXA @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/21 Wild Pink @ Baby's All Right
07/21 Witch Slap, TV Moms, JessX, Aux Blood @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
07/21 Working For a Nuclear Free City @ Mercury Lounge
07/23 Michael Cera Palin, Teenage Halloween @ Brooklyn Made
07/24 Jesse Woods @ Mercury Lounge
07/25 Post Malone @ Freedom Mortgage Pavilion
07/26 Lauren Spencer-Smith, Blake Rose, Geena Fontanella @ Irving Plaza
07/28 Coupy, Plastic Palms, Night Spins, Miracle Sweepstakes @ Main Drag Music
07/28 Wata Igarashi, Marco Shuttle @ Public Records
07/29 The Mooney Suzuki, The Low Spirits, DJ Nick Marc @ Union Pool
08/01 Grapetooth @ Elsewhere
08/03 Sideshow, Niontay, Cousteau @ Elsewhere
08/03 Upstate @ The Sultan Room
08/04 argonaut&wasp @ The Sultan Room
08/04 Winter, Knifeplay, Chanel Beads @ TV EYE
08/09 Whitmer Thomas @ The Bell House
08/12 Mindchatter (DJ set) @ Elsewhere
08/13 Caged Animals, Jon McKiel, Larval Organs @ Mercury Lounge
08/17 Sarah Sherman @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/17 Trophy Wife, Pamphlets, Short Porch @ Our Wicked Lady
08/19 Louis The Child, Blonde Maze, Chromebodies, Joyryde, The Knocks, Snakehips, Dr. Fresch, Moksi, Pauline Herr, Taiki Nulight, Dot @ Brooklyn Mirage
08/19 Sarah Sherman @ White Eagle Hall
08/23 dyl dion, phendste, Max Volante @ Baby's All Right
08/23 Yoke Lore, Girlhouse @ Irving Plaza
08/24 Yoke Lore, Girlhouse @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
08/24 James Supercave @ The Broadway
08/24 Peso Pluma @ UBS Arena
08/26 Jai Wolf, Kasbo, Myrne @ Brooklyn Mirage
08/26 Peso Pluma @ Kings Theatre
08/27 Toosii @ Palladium Times Square
08/29 Sungazer @ Blue Note
08/29 Sungazer @ Blue Note
08/30 Sungazer @ Blue Note
08/30 Sungazer @ Blue Note
08/31 Geordie Kieffer @ Baby's All Right
08/31 Soulja Boy @ Sony Hall
08/31 Kevin McDonald (Kids In The Hall), Dave Foley (Kids In The Hall), Dave Hill, Julie Klausner, Jean Grae, John Wlaysewski @ The Bell House
09/08 Squeeze, The Psychedelic Furs @ Radio City Music Hall
09/08 Gorilla Biscuits, H2O, Crime in Stereo, End It @ The Brooklyn Monarch
09/08 Quintron & Miss Pussycat @ The Sultan Room
09/09 Chris Farren, Diners @ Elsewhere
09/10 Squeeze, The Psychedelic Furs @ Stone Pony
09/13 $uicide Boy$, Ghostemane, City Morgue, Freddie Dredd, Sematary, Ramirez @ Madison Square Garden
09/15 Hulvey @ Mercury Lounge
09/18 Everclear, The Ataris @ Gramercy Theatre
09/21 Pabllo Vittar @ Avant Gardner
09/22 Alabaster Deplume @ Elsewhere
09/22 The Hold Steady @ White Eagle Hall
09/23 Kamaal Williams @ Knockdown Center
09/27 Dead Boys, The Plim Souls, Wreckless Eric @ Saint Vitus Bar
09/27 Róisín Murphy @ Terminal 5
09/28 Jake Miller @ Racket
09/29 The Devil Wears Prada, Fit for a King, Counterparts, Landmvrks @ Palladium Times Square
09/29 Scowl, Militarie Gun, MSPAINT @ The Meadows
09/29 Dance Gavin Dance, SiM, Rain City Drive, Within Destruction @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/29 Bonnie Prince Billy, Armand Hammer, Billy Woods, Elucid, Codeine, 75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band, ONO, William Parker, Nadah El Shazly, Bitchin Bajas, Bush Tetras, Frankie Rose, Akai Solo, Photay, Weak Signal, Weeping Icon, and more! @ Tubby's
09/30 Princess (Maya Rudolph + Gretchen Lieberum) @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
10/01 Stevie Nicks @ Madison Square Garden
10/04 Michelle Buteau @ Beacon Theatre
10/04 Niia @ National Sawdust
10/05 Sun Room @ Webster Hall
10/06 Becky Hill @ Brooklyn Steel
10/06 Everything Everything @ Irving Plaza
10/06 St. Paul and The Broken Bones @ The Wellmont Theater
10/07 Victor Wooten, Rebirth Brass Band @ Brooklyn Steel
10/07 Civic @ Elsewhere
10/07 Balmorhea, Joseph Shabason @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
10/07 TV Girl @ Terminal 5
10/11 Dylan Matthew @ Irving Plaza
10/11 This Is The Kit @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
10/13 Mike Viola @ Elsewhere
10/14 Paul F. Tompkins @ The Bell House
10/15 Paul F. Tompkins @ The Bell House
10/17 Chappell Roan @ Brooklyn Steel
10/18 Robert Grace @ Baby's All Right
10/19 Margo Cilker, Humbird @ Mercury Lounge
10/19 Moon Walker @ The Bowery Electric
10/20 Genesis Owusu @ Elsewhere
10/22 Eddie Zuko @ Racket
10/26 Salem Ilese @ Baby's All Right
10/28 CloZee, Daily Bread, Mfinity, Camnah @ Brooklyn Steel
10/30 The Hives @ Brooklyn Steel
10/31 The Paper Kites, The Cactus Blossoms @ Racket
11/01 Laufey @ Town Hall
11/08 NETTA @ Irving Plaza
11/08 Miel De Montagne @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/09 Laurel Halo (live set) @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
11/09 Modernlove @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
11/09 LP @ Terminal 5
11/18 Ben Kweller @ Racket
11/24 Liz Phair (performing 'Exile in Guyville'), Blondshell @ Kings Theatre
11/29 Damien Rice @ Kings Theatre
12/02 Darlingside @ Brooklyn Made
12/02 Carbon Leaf @ Racket
12/04 bar italia @ Bowery Ballroom









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