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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Nick Cave (solo), King Krule, Panda Bear & Sonic Doom, Jockstrap, Bully, Mayaka McCraven, Swans, Widowspeak, James Blake, RJD2, Ween & more!

March 23, 2023


The great Nick Cave is playing two solo NYC shows this fall. If interested, hope you jump on tickets as soon as they go on sale or you'll be singing the weeping song.

Panda Bear (of Animal Collective) is coming to Knockdown Center with Sonic Boom (of Spaceman 3). Miss this one and you're cuckoo cuckoo.

London crooner King Krule is doing an intimate one-off NYC show at The Sultan Room in a couple weeks and man alive! tickets will be hard to come by.

Longtime Brooklyn rockers The Men are doing a *free show* next month. Worth paying to see this band even though in this case you totally don't have to.

Madball, Murphy's Law and Crown of Thornz are playing a *free afternoon show* in Tompkins Square Park. Spring rulez.

Buzzy London (post)modern alt-pop duo Jockstrap are playing Elsewhere in July. Come for the wispy vocals and graceful strings, stay for the squiggly beats.

Nashville's Bully has a June date set at beautiful new Chelsea venue Racket. Go get this fuzzy goodness stuck in your head.

The great Widowspeak is playing a plum rooftop show this summer and you should absolutely shell out the money and go.

Experimental post___ noise rock legends Swans are doing two Brooklyn shows this fall.

Franz Charcoal (Frankie Cosmos...shhh) is participating in The Town Cryer at Purgatory tomorrow night.

L'Rain was just announced as the surprise headliner for a very solid *free show* this Tuesday at Union Pool with June McDoom and Fusilier. Get there early to get in.

LA electronic artist Neggy Gemmy has a big time outdoor show scheduled this June and it will be 100% excellent.

Ontario's Arm's Length (big fan over here on this side of the screen) are supporting Heart Attack Man on tour this May and it shall be sick. So sayeth this blob.

Knockdown Center's excellent Outline concert series just announced their spring edition (2-nights) featuring performances by Makaya McCraven and Matmos and more.

Telling you right here right now that Jesus Jones is still a band and they're playing NYC soon. I was alive and I waited, waited. I was alive and I waited for this.

James Blake, Ween, The Airborne Toxic Event, Field Mouse, Tim Heidecker, RJD2, The Original Misfits, Less Than Jake, Unwed Sailor, Tea Eater, Pet Symmetry, Container, Ryley Walker, Talib Kweli, S.C.A.B., Jeffrey Lewis & The Voltage, Baby Dayliner, Flossing, Pamphlets, Blessed, Chris Gethard, 79.5, Dropper, The Offspring, Sum 41, Simple Plan, GZA, Buff Ginger, Ratas En Zelo, Katy J Pearson, Teen Suicide, Pons, Aunty Donna, Lucinda Williams and more...




03/23 Still House Plants, Melvin Gibbs, 7038634357 @ 411 Kent
03/23 umru, Goth Jafar, Murder Club, Elena Fortune, Tiam @ Elsewhere
03/23 Trinket, Buff Ginger, Toothache Charley @ Rubulad
03/24 Still House Plants, Dawuna, Alan Licht @ 411 Kent
03/24 Mia Gladstone, Maiya Blaney, Ammar, Angel Loor @ Market Hotel
03/24 Cashu, Mexican Jihad, Christian Tokyo, DUNESKA, Emma DJ @ Paragon
03/24 6l0V3, KANE, jonuhh @ Purgatory
03/24 Franz Charcoal (Frankie Cosmos), Maddie Connors, Jenna Sherriton, Richard Perez @ Purgatory
03/24 Matt Altman, Isabel Soto, Jahveri @ Trans-Pecos
03/24 NY Night Train Soul Clap & Dance-Off, Bipolar, Mary Jane Dunphe, Calamity Glamour, Jonathan Toubin, Steve Myers, Patton Magee, and more! @ TV EYE
03/25 Alice Longyu Gao (EP release dance party) @ Baby's All Right
03/25 Machinedrum, Rosa Pistola, Sister Zo, HUERCO S., Boo Lean, Cringe, evilo @ Elsewhere
03/25 Bloody Mary, Posthuman, Wtchcrft, Manapool, Danirev, Pushpin, Hatechild, Butcherbaby @ Paragon
03/25 Cisne, Oceane, Skullfucker, Angel Kitten, Soo Intoit @ Trans-Pecos
03/25 The Foreign Resort, Dead Leaf Echo @ TV EYE
03/26 Out of System Transfer, Rent Strike, Troll 2, Brooke Pridemore @ Bar Freda
03/26 Ayumi Ishito, Aron Namenwirth, Kevin Shea, Qasim Naqvi, Nava Dunkelman @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
03/26 Sanah Kadoura (Brooklyn Drum Collective Masterclass) @ Our Wicked Lady
03/26 The Sweethearts, Clancy, Coupe de Grace, Lil Goose @ Our Wicked Lady
03/26 James Blake @ Public Records
03/26 Formations For Eternity, Swaya Sound System, Centennial Gardens @ Trans-Pecos
03/27 Beeyotch, Jenny Alien, Party Girl @ Baby's All Right
03/29 Organs Obsolete, Tomas Fujiwara, Brian Chase, Anthony Coleman @ 411 Kent
03/29 Burt Bacharach Tribute (with multiple guest performers) @ Our Wicked Lady
03/29 Griffy Jones and the Phantom Band @ Rubulad
03/30 Mina Walker, Dig Nitty, Special Guest @ Threes Brewing
03/30 Baroque Hoe, Actual Angel, evilo @ Trans-Pecos
03/30 Purity Control, coi_n, Annihil, Tympanic Rupture @ Trans-Pecos
03/31 Chris Gethard @ Minetta Lane Theatre
03/31 DJ Mike Nasty, Proper Edakit, Checko Spinz @ Our Wicked Lady
03/31 Mike Servito, Dee Diggs, Savile, Paurro, Toribio @ Paragon
03/31 Foil, Jumplink, Hi-Sierra, Axine M, Clara Gainer @ Trans-Pecos
04/01 Junius Karr, Telly, Couchprints @ ALPHAVILLE
04/01 Chris Gethard @ Minetta Lane Theatre
04/01 Juan Atkins, Quest?onmarq, James K, Hank Jackson, Significant Other, Only Child @ Paragon
04/02 Excepter, Macomb Country Brutes, 86 Music, M Maria @ ALPHAVILLE
04/02 Valley Latini, Death Dance Music, Gods Wisdom, Johnny S @ Baby's All Right
04/02 Chris Gethard @ Minetta Lane Theatre
04/02 Nite Music, Safer, Pillow Princess, Sunday Compost @ TV EYE
04/03 Tea Eater, Nevva, Jasno Swarez @ Arlene's Grocery
04/04 Big Dumb Baby, Precious Human, DJ Academy @ Baby's All Right
04/04 Mark Stewart, Polygraph Lounge @ Roulette
04/04 King Krule @ The Sultan Room
04/04 Sextile, Mary Jane Dunphe @ TV EYE
04/04 Ava Mendoza, Mick Barr, Laura Ortman, Melvin Gibbs @ Union Pool
04/05 Stice, Gold Dime, Super Always @ TV EYE
04/06 Kenny Mattucci, Exiti @ ALPHAVILLE
04/06 Timothy Archambault @ Blank Forms
04/06 Loren Connors, Electric Nature @ P.I.T.
04/06 This Holy Rodeo, Wince, Pons, Fulano @ Rubulad
04/06 Marked for Death @ Sleepwalk
04/07 Blood, Shep Treasure, Family Vision @ Baby's All Right
04/07 Lauren Flax @ Nowadays
04/07 Silent Servant, Debit, Goth Jafar, Tama Gucci @ Paragon
04/07 Outer Shapes, April Gloom, Lightheaded @ Rubulad
04/07 Eros Tunnel, Ruby Lou, Quartz Casino Band @ The Broadway
04/07 Sea Section, Coal Bed, The Faculty, Heal Turn @ The Kingsland
04/07 Milkman's Molotov, Purity Control, Faradayribcage, Zacarama!, Glockteau Twins, Kitty Empire @ Trans-Pecos
04/08 Sleepy Kitty, Ilithios @ Littlefield
04/08 UNiiQU3, DJ Swisha, Bell Curve, Anna Morgan, Bianca Oblivion, Star Eyes @ Paragon
04/08 Tamarask @ P.I.T.
04/08 Sissies of Mercy, GINA, Cunty, Fruitbat @ Trans-Pecos
04/09 King Raam @ Our Wicked Lady
04/10 Pamphlets, Royal Blush, Uncle Skunk, T.S. Tadin @ Arlene's Grocery
04/11 Daniel Caesar @ Irving Plaza
04/11 Sword II, Cal Fish, Slic @ The Broadway
04/12 Deki Alem, Nea, Graham Lake @ Baby's All Right
04/12 Seth Meyers @ City Winery
04/12 Juan MacLean @ Nowadays
04/12 Aux Blood, Wince, Disobeys, Cronies @ Our Wicked Lady
04/13 Henry Grant Band, The North Country, Julianna Money @ Gold Sounds
04/13 Lily Arminda, Annabel Asher, Julia D'Angelo, Ironic the Hedgehog @ Rubulad
04/13 GZA (w/ Live Band feat. Roy Ayers & Big Daddy Kane) @ Sony Hall
04/13 Richard Orofino, Olivia O, Comet, Griefcase @ The Broadway
04/13 Xavier Ryan, Lychee, Eric Umble @ Trans-Pecos
04/14 The Men @ Rough Trade NYC
04/14 Deathrayz, Him Hun, Yandere, Soo Intoit @ Trans-Pecos
04/15 Ringside Tonic, Uncle Pizza, Jag One, Brigadune @ Gold Sounds
04/15 SCUBA, George Fitzgerald, Sepalcure @ Good Room
04/16 Blank Hellscape, True Body, Chronophage @ TV EYE
04/17 Kareem's Away Message, Paris Spleen, Nimesh Patel, Joey Dardano @ Baby's All Right
04/18 Sweet Dream, Dada Bebop, Chaser's, Open Eye Trio @ Bar Freda
04/18 Those Pretty Wrongs (Jody Stephens of Big Star + Luther Russell of The Freewheelers) @ Rough Trade NYC
04/18 Carol, Nathan Dies, Annie Colette @ Sundown
04/20 Friend, Career Day, Better Living @ ALPHAVILLE
04/20 Tanith, Shadow Land @ Saint Vitus Bar
04/20 Only Sibling, Family Dinner, Short Porch @ The Kingsland
04/20 The Josephine Network, Alana Amram, Theophobia @ TV EYE
04/21 2Lanes, Rose Kourts, Day Cart @ Good Room
04/22 Sweet Lightning, Van Vreeland, Underground River @ ALPHAVILLE
04/22 Egyptian Lover, X-Coast, Rose Kourts, Mizz Softee @ Paragon
04/22 Unhinge, Come Mierda, Blame God, Tossed Aside, Deliriant Nerve, Moisturizer, Ground, Chadhel, Backslider, Triac @ Trans-Pecos
04/23 LANNDS @ Elsewhere
04/23 Jeffrey Lewis (& the Voltage), Baby Dayliner, Mayqueen, Ryan Lee Crosby, Preston Spurlock (video art) @ Our Wicked Lady
04/24 Sofiane Pamart @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/24 Messenger Birds, Fury in Few @ Saint Vitus Bar
04/25 Neek Bucks @ Baby's All Right
04/25 Lucinda Williams @ City Winery
04/26 Dropper, Grocer, Field Mouse @ Baby's All Right
04/26 Kolezanka, Plastic Waves, Mope, Lazlo and the Hidden Strength @ Sundown
04/27 S.C.A.B., Maxband, Trinket @ ALPHAVILLE
04/27 Meyru, The Sees @ Baby's All Right
04/27 Libby Quinn, Cronies, I.R. Michael @ Mercury Lounge
04/27 Maya Lucia, Makeup Girl, Lucas Jones Playground @ Our Wicked Lady
04/27 Wait Wait Don't Tell Me @ Town Hall
04/28 The Weight Band @ City Winery
04/28 Earth Beat @ Good Room
04/28 Final Gasp, Lethal, Infinity Ring, Cowardice @ The Broadway
04/29 Flossing, Tits Dick Ass, Spreaders @ ALPHAVILLE
04/29 Matmos @ Knockdown Center
04/29 Red Tank, Frida Kill, Substitute, Beeyotch @ Our Wicked Lady
04/29 Ariel Zetina, Madison Moore, LISAS, Bryan Kasenic, Sister Zo @ Paragon
04/29 Dee Diggs, Colored Craig, Bob Diesel @ Public Records
04/29 Madball, Murphy's Law, Crown of Thornz @ Tompkins Square Park
04/30 Pamphlets, Cherished, Pry @ ALPHAVILLE
04/30 Paper Jays, Emergency Group @ Mama Tried
04/30 Container, Barb Wire, Mark Morgan, Ryley Walker @ Union Pool
05/01 Blind Girls, Herjaza, Heavenly Blue, Ennui @ Gold Sounds
05/02 Muddy Ruckus, Chestnut Grove @ Mercury Lounge
05/02 Ava Mendoza, Ka Baird, David Torne, Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Charlie Burham @ Union Pool
05/03 Strawberry Launch, Michael Incognito @ Baby's All Right
05/03 Katy J Pearson @ Mercury Lounge
05/04 Jordan Ward @ Baby's All Right
05/04 Big Scary Indian, Phainopepla, Funsucker @ Gold Sounds
05/05 Lobby Boy, The After Hours, Cheeky, Avatareden @ Berlin
05/06 Turtle Bugg, Toribio @ Public Records
05/06 Necrot, L.O.T.I.O.N., Skullshitter @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/06 Omar S, JADALAREIGN @ Superior Ingredients
05/08 Nick Waterhouse @ Baby's All Right
05/09 Quinnie @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/09 Moon Radio, The Smoota Tête-a-Tête @ Sleepwalk
05/10 The Orphan The Poet @ Mercury Lounge
05/10 The Moth @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/11 Bobby Harden (& The Soulful Saints), Kyle Lacy, The JoJos @ The Sultan Room
05/12 The Grip Weeds, Palmyra, Delran and the Doppel Gang, Joy Buzzer @ Berlin
05/12 Ratas En Zelo, Choked Up, Amor Prohibido @ Gold Sounds
05/13 Blessed, Mulva @ ALPHAVILLE
05/13 Makaya McCraven @ Knockdown Center
05/13 Joey Valence, Brae @ Market Hotel
05/13 Damn Jackals, Heavy Feather & The Magic Word, Ugly Mutts, The Dracu-Las @ Our Wicked Lady
05/14 Graham Nash @ City Winery
05/16 Graham Nash @ City Winery
05/16 The Glass Bead Band, The Power Hour @ Mama Tried
05/17 Greg Puciato @ Gramercy Theatre
05/17 Babe The Blue Ox, The Amphitheaters @ Mama Tried
05/18 Jarreau Vandal @ Elsewhere
05/19 999999999, AKUA, D.Dan, Dj Saliva, DVS1, Jeff Mills, JEK, KYRUH, Luke Slater, Lydo, Marcel Dettmann, Matas, MCMLXXXV, Newa, Rose Kourts, Salome, Schacke, SPFDJ, Sugar, Wtchcrft @ Knockdown Center
05/19 The Bros. Landreth @ The Sultan Room
05/19 The Marked Men, Colleen Green, Moral Panic @ TV EYE
05/20 Armin van Buuren @ Avant Gardner
05/20 Jessy Lanza (DJ set), Pelada (DJ set), Ase Manuel @ Elsewhere
05/20 Brandon Seabrook, Nels Cline, Yuka Honda @ Public Records
05/20 Sorry Mom, Froggy @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/20 Morgan Willis @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/20 Komodos, Platinum Moon @ The Sultan Room
05/21 Girlfriends @ Baby's All Right
05/21 Rio Romeo @ Gramercy Theatre
05/22 Love You Later @ Baby's All Right
05/23 Wesley Stace, David Nagler @ City Winery
05/23 Pet Symmetry, Retirement Party, Camp Trash @ Saint Vitus Bar
05/25 JamesJamesJames @ Elsewhere
05/27 Keys n Krates @ Elsewhere
05/30 The Airborne Toxic Event @ The Paramount
05/31 Graham Parker @ City Winery
05/31 Heart Attack Man, Super American, Arm's Length, Photocopy @ Racket
05/31 Unwed Sailor, Caravela, Spa @ The Kingsland
05/31 The Airborne Toxic Event @ White Eagle Hall
06/01 Dogjaw, Burrito Bowel, Rebus Chaos, Fire is Murder, Nonresidents @ Bar Freda
06/01 Salami Rose Joe Louis, Sandra Lawson-Ndu @ Elsewhere
06/01 Glass|Kilar, Katarzyna Tomala-Jedynak, Aleksander Dębicz @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/01 Tristen @ The Sultan Room
06/02 79.5 @ Brooklyn Made
06/02 Qrion @ Elsewhere
06/02 Dreamers, Robert DeLong @ Elsewhere
06/03 Matthew Dear (DJ Set), Heathered Pearls, Cranks @ H0L0
06/03 Ax and the Hatchetmen @ Mercury Lounge
06/04 North By North, Monarch, The Poster Child, Amalia Juliane @ Berlin
06/05 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/05 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/06 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/06 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/06 Bully @ Racket
06/06 Ava Mendoza, Loren Connors, Little Black Egg, Sebastian Alexander Johnson @ Union Pool
06/07 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/07 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/08 Drain @ The Brooklyn Monarch
06/09 Miane @ Elsewhere
06/09 Deer Scout, Ok Cowgirl, Gemma Laurence @ The Sultan Room
06/10 RJD2 @ Brooklyn Bowl
06/10 Ilsa, Fister @ Saint Vitus Bar
06/11 Donovan's Yard @ Elsewhere
06/12 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/12 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/13 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/13 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/13 Neggy Gemmy @ Elsewhere
06/13 Rav, Scuare @ Elsewhere
06/13 Stimmerman, The Most, Scarlet @ Purgatory
06/14 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/14 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note
06/14 Bumpin Uglies, Mike Pinto @ Brooklyn Made
06/14 Catie Turner @ Mercury Lounge
06/15 Kassa Overall @ Baby's All Right
06/16 Amy Shark @ Baby's All Right
06/16 Hotel Fiction @ Mercury Lounge
06/16 Suicide File, Wreckage, Never Again, Come Mierda @ TV EYE
06/17 Anna Lunoe @ Elsewhere
06/18 Soul Summit @ Elsewhere
06/18 Biohazard, Indecision, King Nine @ Irving Plaza
06/22 Kaleena Zanders @ Elsewhere
06/22 Yellow Shoots, Dildox, April Nicole @ Our Wicked Lady
06/23 Teen Suicide @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/24 Larry's Market Run, Monroe Flow, Dvme @ Hammerstein Ballroom
06/25 David Cross @ Irving Plaza
06/28 Motherfolk, Another Michael @ Elsewhere
06/30 Richard Barone, Glenn Mercer (of The Feelies) @ City Winery
07/04 Ava Mendoza, Matana Roberts, James Brandon Lewis, Chad Taylor, 75 Dollar Bill @ Union Pool
07/07 Baltra @ Elsewhere
07/07 Nosferatu, Human Blod, Secretors, crucified class, Suffocating Madness, Phantom @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/08 The Original Misfits, The Gaslight Anthem, Fear @ Prudential Center
07/08 Sexpill, Reek Minds, Alienator, Rat-Nip, Yambag, Android @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/08 Jesus Jones @ Sony Hall
07/11 Widowspeak @ Elsewhere
07/12 Brothertiger, Heathered Pearls @ Elsewhere
07/14 Tom & Collins @ Elsewhere
07/15 Boiler Room NYC @ Avant Gardner
07/15 Hermitude (DJ set) @ Elsewhere
07/15 Less Than Jake, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Spring Heeled Jack @ Irving Plaza
07/18 Social Animals @ Mercury Lounge
07/19 Jockstrap @ Elsewhere
07/21 Panda Bear, Sonic Boom, Braxe + Falcon @ Knockdown Center
07/22 Betcha @ Mercury Lounge
07/22 Defeater, Caspian, Stay Inside, Only Sibling @ Saint Vitus Bar
07/28 Black Rave Culture @ Elsewhere
07/29 MK @ Avant Gardner
07/29 Secret Gardens, Marigold, Øff Guard @ Elsewhere
08/03 BICEP @ Avant Gardner
08/04 Coco & Breezy @ Elsewhere
08/05 Havok, Toxic Holocaust, I Am, Hammerhead @ The Brooklyn Monarch
08/08 The Jungle Giants @ Elsewhere
08/09 Tim Heidecker @ Webster Hall
08/16 Busty and the Bass @ Elsewhere
08/18 Kornel Kovacs @ Elsewhere
08/26 Ranger Trucco @ Elsewhere
08/26 CupcakKe @ Webster Hall
09/02 The Offspring, Sum 41, Simple Plan @ Jones Beach
09/08 The Bright Light Social Hour @ Mercury Lounge
09/10 Billy Joel @ Madison Square Garden
09/12 Hollie Cook @ Elsewhere
09/14 Ween @ The Rooftop at Pier 17
09/16 Nothing But Thieves @ Brooklyn Steel
09/19 ANAVITÓRIA @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/20 Megan Moroney @ Bowery Ballroom
09/20 Casey @ The Kingsland
09/23 Ben Schwartz @ Radio City Music Hall
09/26 Jack Botts @ Mercury Lounge
09/29 Swans, Norman Westberg @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
09/30 Swans, Norman Westberg @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
10/06 Nick Cave @ Kings Theatre
10/07 Nick Cave @ Beacon Theatre
10/07 Chris Stapleton, Margo Price, Nikki Lane @ UBS Arena
10/13 Aunty Donna @ Gramercy Theatre
10/26 Polyphia, DOMi, JD Beck @ Terminal 5
11/18 Ocie Elliott @ Brooklyn Made
11/30 Stavros Halkias @ Beacon Theatre









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