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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

The National, Sleaford Mods, Deerhoof, Pile, Wilco, Sun Ra Arkestra, Wednesday, Jobber, The Swell Season, 100 gecs, High Vis, Pedro The Lion, Trace Mountains, The Nude Party and more!

January 19, 2023


The National have a new album coming out this spring and to celebrate they're going to play MSG (with super special guests Patti Smith and Her Band). (tickets)

Do you know who else is playing MSG? Madonna. Will you be able to get tickets? Who knows. Life is a mystery.

Hyper frenetic post ___ popsters 100 gecs are playing Avant Gardner this spring.

The mighty Deerhoof have a date with Elsewhere (and you, hopefully) this April and it will be wild and weird and loud and fun. Eccentro-punk forever.

Pedro The Lion will be performing their classic 1998 album It's Hard to Find a Friend and their classic 2002 album Control in full this spring. Just letting you know because it's good to have options.

This year's Gov Ball lineup has been announced. You heard it here fourth.

Legendary inter-galactic jazz collective The Sun Ra Arkestra are playing TV Eye in March. See you in space.

Pile (your favorite indie rock band's favorite indie rock band) just added a second show in Ridgewood in March.

Wednesday are playing Brooklyn on a Tuesday.

After ripping through here back in good old '22, UK's Sleaford Mods are presently planning to play Webster Hall in the pretty near future.

More solid *free winter shows* announced at Union Pool. See the lineup.

UK post ___ punks High Vis are playing their first ever US show at Saint Vitus this April, performing songs from their solid album Blending released back in good old '22.

Wilco is playing three NYC-area shows this spring with solid support from their Windy City mates, Horsegirl.

The Swell Season (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova) have found their way back to each other and are playing shows again, including NYC. They also acted together in a movie once. (tickets)

Rising joy-grunge band Jobber will play Alphaville in February with a bunch of other good bands. A solid go early and stay to the end situation.

Go see Trace Mountains during the last days of winter if you like super pleasant and poetic songs.

The Nude Party, All Them Witches, Madison McFerrin, Sad Summer Festival, Squirrel Flower, Mt. Joy, Big Joanie, Hello Mary, Big Bliss, Pons, Smile Machine, John Early, Seal, Phil Lesh, Mastodon, Talib Kweli, Christian Lee Hutson, Fenne Lily, Cryogeyser, Water From Your Eyes, A Deer A Horse, Godcaster, Young Jesus, M83 (second show) and more!




01/19 Jon and the Projectors, Leo Coltrane, Chris Baluyut @ Mercury Lounge
01/19 Dodi @ Sundown
01/20 Madison McFerrin @ Cafe Ezrulie
01/20 PLO Man, Deep Creep, DJ Healthy, Shameless, Union @ Market Hotel
01/20 Young Jesus, Allegra Krieger, Nino Soberon @ Purgatory
01/20 Tits Dick Ass, Datura, Faradayribcage @ Purgatory
01/21 O.Bee @ H0L0
01/21 Jimi Lucid, Zillion, 01youngjay @ Purgatory
01/21 Maxi Hawkeye Canion, Anna Therese Witenberg, Computer, Kennie Zhou @ Trans-Pecos
01/22 Sasha Velour's Nightgowns @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
01/23 Bosque Brown, Evan Harris @ Mercury Lounge
01/23 Haunted Horses, Your 33 Black Angels, Nope, Wednesdays @ TV EYE
01/24 Safety Scissors, Boyscoutmarie, Her Dilemma, Brotherwife @ Purgatory
01/25 Kenny Beats (signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
01/26 Lil Kim @ Apollo Theater
01/26 Jade., The Dye, Samsara @ Mercury Lounge
01/26 Heart Rot, Drop Dead Gorgeous @ Mercury Lounge
01/26 Shallowhalo, Chanel Beads, GRBGE_GRL @ Sundown
01/26 Cohort B, Venus Twins, Big Band, Salamander @ Trans-Pecos
01/27 Robert Earl Thomas, The All Souls Family Band, Margaret Nygard @ ALPHAVILLE
01/27 Delano Smith, Rick Wilhite, Ataxia @ H0L0
01/27 Boys Go To Jupiter, Maya Lucia @ The Sultan Room
01/27 Nu Jazz, Alfredo Colon, Ascension Unit, Fortified Structures @ Trans-Pecos
01/27 Blonde Otter, Wetsuit, Chatterbox, Morphland @ Trans-Pecos
01/28 The Silk War, Sharkswimmer, King Bug @ Brooklyn Made
01/28 Mountain Laurel, Sarah Gross @ Mercury Lounge
01/28 Suki Waterhouse (signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
01/28 The Arcs (release party), The Black Keys (DJ set), El Michels Affair (DJ set) @ The Sultan Room
01/28 The Dead Betties, Cancel Vulture, Butthole University, Coupy @ TV EYE
01/29 Real Clothes, Smiling Beth, Jeremy Winter, Meadow Le Elle @ The Bowery Electric
01/31 TomGirl504Ever, Don Pardo, Overhead Bins @ Mercury Lounge
01/31 Ziwe @ The Bell House
01/31 Ziwe, Auguste White @ The Bell House
02/01 Purest Feeling, Amiture, Family Computer @ Mercury Lounge
02/02 Eros Tunnel, Turbo World, Andy Loebs, Cory Bracken @ Gold Sounds
02/02 Sunny War (performance + signing) @ Rough Trade NYC
02/02 Blair Howerton, How Says, Where's Beth? @ Sundown
02/02 Mick's Jaguar, OC Rippers, CT Hustle and the Muscle @ Union Pool
02/03 Pageant Girls, How Tragic, Jack Martin's Deathwatch @ TV EYE
02/04 Mol Sullivan, Wilder Maker, H. Pruz @ Purgatory
02/05 Isa Reyes, Anaya Diosa, Bobby Woody @ Purgatory
02/05 w0rmh0les, RawBell, PTERODAN, The Maethtro @ TV EYE
02/06 Talib Kweli (with live band), Meshell Ndegeocello @ Blue Note
02/06 Meshell Ndegeocello, Talib Kweli (with live band) @ Blue Note
02/06 Emma Blue Jeans, Pearjuice, First Crush, Water Bug @ Purgatory
02/07 Man on Man, Macy Rodman @ Union Pool
02/08 Talib Kweli (with live band), Bob James, Slick Rick @ Blue Note
02/08 Talib Kweli (with live band), Bob James, Slick Rick @ Blue Note
02/08 Blac Rabbit, Gold Casio, Di Ivories @ TV EYE
02/09 CDSM, Cindy Cane, PowerSnap @ ALPHAVILLE
02/09 babyfang, Cleo Reed, dayii, Devoye @ Market Hotel
02/09 Gnarly Rae Jepsen @ Saint Vitus Bar
02/09 A Deer A Horse, Venus Twins, Trace Amount, Shiverboard @ TV EYE
02/10 Jobber, Washer, Lady Pills, Rick Rude @ ALPHAVILLE
02/10 Kim Ann Foxman, Gee Dee @ Good Room
02/10 Hard Nips, Moxie Pocket, The Acute @ Heaven Can Wait
02/10 Ty Sunderland @ Webster Hall
02/11 Certain Death, Gloin, Fat Trout Trailer Park @ ALPHAVILLE
02/11 Tony or Tony @ Elsewhere
02/11 RXK Nephew @ Market Hotel
02/14 Mevius, Georgi @ Mercury Lounge
02/14 Tredici Bacci, Italian Surf Academy @ The Sultan Room
02/14 FACS, Fine Place @ Union Pool
02/16 DJ Seinfeld, Lauren Ritter @ Public Records
02/16 Trophy Wife, OMAT, Panik Flower @ The Broadway
02/18 Jade Tourniquet, Husbandry, Halo Bite, Callahead @ Trans-Pecos
02/18 GRIPE, Delco MF's, Abism, Lethal @ TV EYE
02/18 Al Olender @ Union Pool
02/19 Danny Krivit @ Good Room
02/20 John Early, Yazan and the Gates Family Band @ The Bell House
02/21 John Early, Yazan and the Gates Family Band @ The Bell House
02/21 KeiyaA @ Union Pool
02/22 John Early @ Roulette
02/22 Visions of Atlantis, The Spider Accomplice, Dead City Crown @ The Meadows
02/22 Dreamphone, Olli Hirvonen, Hazzard @ The Sultan Room
02/23 Pons, DD Island, Cronies, Glom @ ALPHAVILLE
02/23 Slot, Scarlet, Mxlonely @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer
02/23 Otoboke Beaver, Ratas En Zelo @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
02/23 John Early @ Roulette
02/24 Blue Ranger, Jake Klar, Margaux @ ALPHAVILLE
02/24 Griffin Robillard, The Down and Outs, Gilded Lily @ The Broadway
02/26 Sasha Velour's Nightgowns @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
02/26 Phil Cook @ Public Records
02/26 Blue Yonder, Talulah Paisley, His Pioneers, Robert Earl Thomas @ The Sultan Room
02/28 Jiaoying Summers (in the round) @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
02/28 Wolf Eyes, Raven Chacon, Drainolith @ Union Pool
03/02 Big Bliss, Russian Baths, Sky Creature @ ALPHAVILLE
03/02 Pile @ TV EYE
03/03 Spirit Ghost, Petite League, Big Dumb Baby @ ALPHAVILLE
03/03 Smile Machine, Raisalka, Mulva, Cool Dead Woman @ Purgatory
03/04 Eliza McLamb, Hana Bryanne @ Baby's All Right
03/05 Nicholas Craven, YUNGMORPHEUS @ Elsewhere
03/07 Sun Ra Arkestra @ TV EYE
03/08 Crywank @ The Broadway
03/09 Young Gun Silver Fox @ Bowery Ballroom
03/10 Brian Fallon @ Crossroads
03/10 Trace Mountains, Living Hour, Bloomsday, Sammy Tweedy @ TV EYE
03/10 Rich The Kid @ Webster Hall
03/11 Brian Fallon @ Crossroads
03/11 Sorcha Richardson @ Elsewhere
03/11 Squirrel Flower @ Public Records
03/11 Dr. Fresch, Blossom, Corrupt UK, The Sponges @ Webster Hall
03/15 Phil Lesh @ The Capitol Theatre
03/15 Howling Giant, Restless Spirit @ TV EYE
03/16 Thuy, P-Lo @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
03/16 Coatie Pop, Faux Fear, Final Sound, Primitive Heart @ Our Wicked Lady
03/16 Water From Your Eyes, Sweet Baby Jesus, Kolb @ Secret Location
03/16 Gorod, Cognitive, Summoning the Lich, Flub @ The Meadows
03/16 Squeaky Feet, Minetta, Fondude @ The Sultan Room
03/17 Gemini, Fallens @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
03/17 High-Functioning Flesh, Normal Bias @ Saint Vitus Bar
03/17 Steve Aoki, Timmy Trumpet, Kaaze, Juuku @ Terminal 5
03/17 Phil Lesh @ The Capitol Theatre
03/18 Key Glock @ Knockdown Center
03/18 Wince, Hills To Height, Velvet @ Our Wicked Lady
03/18 Dog Date, Tough Cuffs, Pyrex @ The Broadway
03/18 Phil Lesh @ The Capitol Theatre
03/19 Phil Lesh @ The Capitol Theatre
03/23 All Them Witches @ Saint Vitus Bar
03/24 sksksks, Caótica, Ushka, Riobamba @ Elsewhere
03/24 Hello Mary, Computerwife @ Elsewhere
03/24 Water From Your Eyes, Fantasy of a Broken Heart @ P.I.T.
03/24 All Them Witches @ Saint Vitus Bar
03/25 Dream, Ivory, FanClubWallet @ Baby's All Right
03/25 All Them Witches @ Saint Vitus Bar
03/26 Sasha Velour's Nightgowns @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
03/30 Flycatcher, Carpool @ Brooklyn Made
03/30 Wilco, Horsegirl @ The Capitol Theatre
03/30 Cuco @ Webster Hall
03/31 Mall Grab, Miley Serious @ Elsewhere
03/31 Wilco, Horsegirl @ The Capitol Theatre
04/01 Upstate @ Mercury Lounge
04/01 High Vis (debut US show), Age of Apocalypse @ Saint Vitus Bar
04/01 Wilco, Horsegirl @ The Capitol Theatre
04/01 Godcaster @ Union Pool
04/04 Deerhoof, Sound of Ceres, Scarlet @ Elsewhere
04/04 Andrew McMahon @ Rockwood Music Hall
04/05 Matt Corby @ Bowery Ballroom
04/06 Matt Corby @ Bowery Ballroom
04/06 Maggie Lindemann @ Irving Plaza
04/07 Sleaford Mods @ Webster Hall
04/08 Overmono @ Brooklyn Steel
04/08 Unwritten Law, Tyler Posey, Authority Zero @ Gramercy Theatre
04/09 Easy Easy @ Baby's All Right
04/11 Wilder Woods @ Bowery Ballroom
04/11 Car, The Garden @ The Brooklyn Monarch
04/12 SKÁLD @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/12 Fly By Midnight @ Mercury Lounge
04/14 Jeffrey Martin, Bridget Kearney @ The Sultan Room
04/16 The Black Dahlia Murder, Terror, Frozen Soul, Fuming Mouth, Phobophilic @ Irving Plaza
04/16 Sasha Velour's Nightgowns @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/20 July Talk @ Mercury Lounge
04/21 Weval @ Elsewhere
04/21 Takuya Kuroda @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/22 Cryogeyser, Draag @ Elsewhere
04/22 Onyx @ The Brooklyn Monarch
04/26 Flatland Calvary @ Gramercy Theatre
04/26 Sofiane Pamart @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
04/26 M83 @ Terminal 5
04/28 100 gecs, Machine Girl @ Avant Gardner
04/30 Pedro the Lion, Erik Walters @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/03 Martin Sexton, KT Tunstall @ Sony Hall
05/05 Kyle Kinane @ White Eagle Hall
05/06 Smash Into Pieces, Citizen Soldier @ Racket
05/11 Jackson Wang @ Barclays Center
05/11 Phoneboy @ Bowery Ballroom
05/11 Vieux Farka Toure @ Brooklyn Bowl
05/13 Wage War, Nothing Nowhere, Spite @ Starland Ballroom
05/13 The Hirs Collective @ TV EYE
05/16 Billy Nomates @ Mercury Lounge
05/17 Hippie Sabotage @ Webster Hall
05/18 Clutch, Amigo the Devil, Nate Bergman @ Starland Ballroom
05/19 Yaeji @ Brooklyn Steel
05/19 The Nude Party @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
05/20 Bailen @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
05/21 Slater @ Elsewhere
05/21 Sasha Velour's Nightgowns @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
05/22 Narrow Head, Graham Hunt @ Mercury Lounge
05/23 Seal @ Beacon Theatre
05/23 Narrow Head, Graham Hunt @ TV EYE
05/26 Big Joanie @ Baby's All Right
06/02 Christian Lee Hutson, Fenne Lily @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/09 Lizzo, Lil Uzi Vert, HAIM, Diplo, Omar Apollo, Kim Petras, Joey Bada$, Davido, 070 Shake, Tai Verdes, Saba, Alexander 23, PJ Morton, MICHELLE, Maxo Kream, Kaycyy, Matt Maltese, and more! @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
06/10 ODESZA, Lil Baby, Aespa, Rina Sawayama, Lauv, Oliver Tree, Finneas, Kenny Beats, Snail Mail, Syd, Suki Waterhouse, KennyHoopla, Lovejoy, Evan Giia, Sarah Kinsley, Flipturn, The Amazons, Zolita, and more! @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
06/10 Sepultura, Kreator, Death Angel, Spiritworld @ Palladium Times Square
06/11 Kendrick Lamar, Lil Nas X, Giveon, Sofi Tukker, Pusha T, girl in red, PinkPantheress, Black Midi, Sabrina Claudio, Leon, Phony Ppl, Cat Burns, Coast Contra, Charlie Burg, Ella Jane, Haiku Hands, and more! @ Flushing Meadows-Corona Park
06/11 IAMX @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
06/20 Wednesday, Tenci @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
06/25 Sasha Velour's Nightgowns @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
07/14 Taking Back Sunday, Head Automatica, The Maine, PVRIS, Hot Mulligan, Mom Jeans, Stand Atlantic, Daisy Grenade @ PNC Bank Arts Center
08/09 Mt. Joy @ Central Park SummerStage
08/10 Mt. Joy @ Central Park SummerStage
08/12 Gojira, Mastodon, Lorna Shore @ Coney Island Amphitheater
08/12 The Swell Season, Glen Hansard, Marketa Irglova @ Radio City Music Hall
08/18 The National, Patti Smith (and Her Band) @ Madison Square Garden
08/23 Madonna @ Madison Square Garden
08/24 Madonna @ Madison Square Garden







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