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Blondes make electro JAMS.

March 7, 2011
Brooklyn's Blondes is the duo of Zach Steinman and Sam Haar. We feel this. We FEEL it. These two dudes sure know how to write straight-up dance jams (you know, for people who don't really go out dancing... this is more for people who like to pretend they are dancing when, in actuality, they're working on their laptop at a coffee shop).

Yes, this is more electro-something (dance? rock? pants?), a genre we always seem to be writing about. But who cares! Blondes rule! Why wouldn't we want to write about their sweet, synth-y club hits (it would have to be the right club of course... if the place has a coat check and/or an aquarium of some sort, it's probably not the best spot to jam out to Blondes)?

So what makes Blondes so good? I don't know, what makes any electro awesome-ness so good? Maybe if it makes your body slither like a snake trying to stand up that means it is good electro? Maybe if it gives you the courage to jump over on one leg in front of nightlife strangers, a la Kid 'n Play, it is good electro? Look, I'm not here to solve what makes an electro JAM; I just know it when I hear it. And I hear it in Blondes.

Whatever. Go see them play and you'll know what I mean. Then go home, put on their jams, and pretend you're dancing as you work on that screenplay.

Blondes play The Mid (with Simian Mobile Disco), on Wednesday, March 16th.


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