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Just Announced

Just Announced Shows in NYC

Courtney Barnett, CHVRCHES, The Shins, Arcade Fire, Screaming Females, ElectroniCON 3, Voxtrot, Florence + The Machine, PinkPantheress, Mannequin Pussy, Illuminati Hotties, Saetia, Kevin Morby, Allah-Las, Jose Gonzalez, Stella Donnelly and more!

May 12, 2022


Arcade Fire are coming back to Brooklyn (and NJ) this fall w/ Beck. Formal attire required! (Not really, that's just a solid 2013 joke for you.)

Courtney Barnett to play 'The Tommy Brull Foundation's Shine A Light Music Series' at Adelphi University in July. All proceeds will help fund an inclusive/adaptive playground where children of all abilities can play together.

CHVRCHES is coming to Brooklyn Mirage this Avgvst. Hope to see yov there!

The Shins set to perform their classic 2001 album 'Oh, Inverted World' in full at Radio City Music Hall this summer. Still emotionally invested in this band even though caring is creepy. (tickets)

Some disarming news that may not be shocking to some. Smashing Pumpkins and Jane's Addiction are touring together and coming to MSG in October. If you're gonna try and get tickets to this Today, Stop! Not on sale until tomorrow. (tickets)

PinkPantheress just got moved to (le) poisson rouge on Friday and some additional tickets have been made available

Mannequin Pussy have rescheduled their sold-out Saint Vitus show (originally last night) to June and added another show there too. Tickets on sale now!

Tenderpunk pioneer Illuminati Hotties have a hot date at Music Hall of Williamsburg this October.

Excellent record label 100% Electronica presents 'ElectroniCON 3' at Knockdown Center in Queens on 8/20 with George Clanton, Washed Out (DJ), Neon Indian (DJ), Small Black, Cowgirl Clue, Neggy Gemmy, deaths dynamic shroud, Saint Pepsi, Pictureplane, Vitesse X, Caroline Loveglow + lots more performing.

Blog bands live forever! Voxtrot have reunited and are playing Webster Hall this fall. Could be the start of something...

Florence + the Machine added a second MSG show in September. Tickets on sale soon, provided you can prove you're not a robot. (tickets)

Our Flag Means Death's Rhys Darby is performing at The Bell House this summer.

Kevin Morby is doing a free performance + signing at Rough Trade this Friday afternoon (w/ RSVP). Come to him now.

NYC hardcore heroes Saetia are playing their first shows in over 20 years at Saint Vitus in November. Screaming.

Bret McKenzie (of Flight of the Conchords) performs "Songs Without Jokes" at three NYC area shows in October. Life's a happy song when there's someone by your side to sing along.

Sun-drenched LA rockers Allah-Las added a second show at Brooklyn Made in September.

Stellar Swedish singer-songwriter José González has a show at Kings Theatre in September. Solid. (tickets)

NJ's Screaming Females are playing TV Eye in July. Recommended if you love the punk rock.

Perth's finest indie-folk-punk-rocker (probably) Stella Donnelly returns to play Elsewhere in September.

Cassandra Jenkins, Ethel Cain, Harry Styles + Blood Orange, Martin Courtney (of Real Estate), Soft Cell, Public Memory, Pictureplane, Colin Stetson, Julia Jacklin, Stuyedeyed, Raavi, Cave In, The Cult/Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/Zola Jesus, Sidney Gish, Pet Fox, Jaws of Love., Black Midi, Jenny Lewis, The Muckers, Fred Again..., Eartheater, Joey Bada$, Cate Le Bon, Morcheeba and lots more!




05/12 Gavin Turek @ C'mon Everybody

05/12 War Violet, Lazylazy, Whaat, Indigo Fuzz @ Gold Sounds

05/12 Upper Wilds, Savak, Jim McHugh @ P.I.T.

05/13 Macy Rodman (Trash Can Liza!) @ C'mon Everybody

05/13 The Assembly, Tone Troy @ Elsewhere

05/13 Oropendola, Laura Wolf, rbke, Eliza Edens @ Pet Rescue

05/13 Kevin Morby (performance + signing) @ Rough Trade NYC

05/13 Bore, Altered States, Gordita Beach, Night Surf @ The Nest

05/13 Guilt Attendant, Motiv-A, g0thboi1997, M. Lamar, Axine M, Zachary Allan Starkey @ Trans-Pecos

05/14 Taxi Vision, Toebow @ Our Wicked Lady

05/15 Dani Rev, Munki, Rugirugz, Mugwort Mugwort, Here @ Chaos Computer

05/15 Retrograde 88, LVA GRL, Dobakid, Kayla Silverman @ Gold Sounds

05/15 Open the Nile, I Am Trireme @ Sovereign

05/15 Beth Million, Dakota Jones, Darlin! The Band @ The Sultan Room

05/15 Pinc Louds, InCircles, Marley, Desert Sharks @ Tompkins Square Park

05/17 Sid Sriram, Marijuana Deathsquads, Alex Epton @ The Sultan Room

05/18 My Ex-Girlfriends Ex-Boyfriend, Spoonuel, Su$shi, Sophie Tyler @ Gold Sounds

05/18 A.J. Holmes, Caitlin Cook, The Lucas Brothers, Drew Michael, Joyelle Nicole Johnson, Moses Storm, Daniel Simonsen, Matt Buechele @ Littlefield

05/19 Phantom Handshakes, Van Chamberlain, O. Wake @ Berlin

05/19 Jessika Kenney, Eyvind Kang, Holland Andrews, Darlane Litaay, Joni, Paxine DJ @ Chaos Computer

05/19 Poor Frisco, Fixtures, High Pony @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer

05/19 Blonder, Chloe MK @ Gold Sounds

05/20 Goolis @ C'mon Everybody

05/20 cumgirl8, ICQ, Visuals, Jamie Peck (DJ Set), Moon Diagrams (DJ Set), Blanche London (DJ Set) @ Wonderville

05/21 The Illustrious Blacks, Sunrise Highway @ C'mon Everybody

05/21 Helenor, Frances Chang, Hemlock, Sister @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer

05/21 AceMo, Savile, Yuniemo @ Public Records

05/21 Bambii, Pierre Kwenders, Uproot Andy, Magic Kenny, DJ Heavy, and more! @ Warsaw

05/23 Sidney Gish, Blaketheman1000, Jane Lai @ Baby's All Right

05/24 Body Stress, Christia Ingemann, Shredded Nerve, Kyle Flanagan, Head, ANNA @ Chaos Computer

05/24 Sotto Voce, Cousin Oven, Antagonista @ Our Wicked Lady

05/24 Gili Yalo, Anbessa Orchestra @ The Sultan Room

05/25 Sam Kogon, Chest High Fires, War Violet @ TV EYE

05/26 Eartheater, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal, UMFANG, Lydo, J Arthur @ 99 Scott Ave.

05/26 Samuel Campoli, Withe, Adam Lytle, William Alexander @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer

05/26 Slark Moan, Looms, Reclining Nude @ Pianos

05/26 Marc Ribot, Greg Lewis @ The Atlantic BKLN

05/26 Buck Gooter, Itch Princess, Chaser, Food Corps, Neuter @ Trans-Pecos

05/27 Batu, Fleet Dreams @ Nowadays

05/27 Twins, Madeline Goldstein @ Saint Vitus Bar

05/28 Pictureplane, Kill Alters, Heavy Halo, lal @ Brooklyn Made

05/28 Wesley Stace's Cabinet of Wonders @ City Winery

05/28 Carly Cosgrove, American Beauty, Good Sleepy, Screenager @ The Litterbox

05/28 C4, Dog Breath, The Answer, Burning Lord, Cutdown @ Trans-Pecos

05/28 Carnage @ Webster Hall

05/29 Weak Signal, No Motion, Cool Whip @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer

05/30 Mikki Ma'at @ The Sultan Room

05/31 Michael Masura Flora, Asha Sheshadri, Universal Cell Unlock @ Chaos Computer

05/31 Ilana Glazer @ House of Independents

05/31 Made for Lying, Cranial Damage, Ultor, Hosticide @ Saint Vitus Bar

05/31 Whaat, Drobakid, Bummer Camp, New Casino @ The Broadway

06/01 Diamond Grinder, Evan Wright, Izzy Oram-Brown @ The Broadway

06/02 Caroline Kingsbury, Sam Quealy, DD Walker, Adios Ghost @ Berlin

06/02 Van Chamberlain, CR and the Nones, Super City, Sallie May @ Our Wicked Lady

06/02 Jewelry, Plastic Waves, Childcare Michelle @ Pianos

06/02 On the Farm, James Lockhart Jr., Caroline Kuhn @ The Sultan Room

06/03 Sadurn, Yowler @ Baby's All Right

06/03 Bonsai Trees, Daisy Grenade, Lily Mao @ The Broadway

06/03 Natural Born Killers, PowerSnap, Rat Motel, Pons @ Trans-Pecos

06/04 Kota Dosa, Blashum, Demi Ramos, Cult of Chunk @ TV EYE

06/04 Claudi of Pinc Louds, Apollo Flowerchild, Will Bug @ Wet Spot

06/06 Nathan Bajar, Billzegypt, James Tillman @ Baby's All Right

06/06 Mannequin Pussy, Chronic @ Saint Vitus Bar

06/07 Shelia, Nature Creeps Beneath, Nara's Room @ Heaven Can Wait

06/07 Tower, Chud, CT Hustle and the Muscle, Bad Vacation @ TV EYE

06/08 Ally Hills, Alexandra Fresquez, Kailie Simpson, Rosie Dean @ Berlin

06/08 Marc Ribot, Greg Lewis @ The Atlantic BKLN

06/08 j solomon, Picture Us Tiny, Jess X @ The Sultan Room

06/08 Ryan Egan, Forever Honey, Endearments @ Union Pool

06/09 Special Guest, Caroline Kingsbury, The Pressure Kids, Shallowhalo @ Berlin

06/09 White Ring, Bestial Mouths, Trace Amount @ Saint Vitus Bar

06/09 Marcia Belsky, Arti Gollapudi @ The Bell House

06/10 BMI (DJ set) @ Baby's All Right

06/10 Show Me The Body, YL @ Baby's All Right

06/10 Mugen, Dizzy Bats, Steph Durwin, Patch Kid @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer

06/10 Rare DM, LUCY, Italomatic DJs @ NY Skyport Marina

06/10 Regularfantasy, Killer DJs, Will DiMaggio, CZ Wang @ Public Records

06/10 Pentagram @ Sovereign

06/10 Arto Lindsay @ The Atlantic BKLN

06/10 The Art Gray Noizz Quintet, Norman Westberg (of Swans), Licks @ TV EYE

06/11 HUERCO S. (DJ set), Ade Kassim (DJ set) @ Baby's All Right

06/11 Onyx Collective, duendita @ Baby's All Right

06/11 Moon Sand Land, Web Hex, Omelas @ Berlin

06/11 RÃœFÃœS DU SOL (DJ Set) @ Brooklyn Mirage

06/11 Pet Fox, A Very Special Episode, Debbie Dopamine, Climates @ Footlight Underground at The Windjammer

06/11 Steele FC, TVOD, Mary Shelley @ Mercury Lounge

06/12 NY Battle of the Bands, Matt FX (DJ set) @ Baby's All Right

06/12 Omar S, Egyptian Lover, DJ Godfather, SHYBOI @ Knockdown Center

06/12 Ron Like Hell, livwutang @ Public Records

06/14 Karabas Barabas, Gal Fieri, Slut Magic, Charmainia @ Our Wicked Lady

06/14 Joe Pera, Dan Licata @ The Bell House

06/15 Tight Lips @ Our Wicked Lady

06/15 Stuyedeyed @ Purgatory

06/16 Caroline Kingsbury, Ghost Cop, Couch Prints, Beau @ Berlin

06/16 Jessy Lanza @ Brooklyn Made

06/16 Taraka @ Our Wicked Lady

06/16 Marc Ribot @ The Atlantic BKLN

06/16 bad tuner @ The Sultan Room

06/17 Mr. Vegas @ Elsewhere

06/17 John Doe Folk Trio @ The Atlantic BKLN

06/17 Brainstory, Boulevards @ The Sultan Room

06/18 Awful Din, Morning Fuzz, Playing Dead @ The Kingsland

06/18 Dark Tea, Cutouts, Pisha @ The Sultan Room

06/19 Bandit, Knoll, Blemish, Bestial Tongues @ Saint Vitus Bar

06/20 Lorraine Leckie & Her Demons, The Grasping Straws @ Mercury Lounge

06/21 Jaws of Love. (Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives) @ Baby's All Right

06/21 Brain Tourniquet, Urban Sprawl, Lethal, Thing @ Saint Vitus Bar

06/21 Joe Pera, Dan Licata @ The Bell House

06/22 Domino, Space Flight @ Mercury Lounge

06/23 Weatherday, Michael Cera Palin, Oolong, Stand and Wave, Arlen Gun Club @ The Litterbox

06/24 Kontravoid, Sacred Skin, Un Hombre Solo @ The Meadows

06/25 Sadie, Blaketheman1000 @ Baby's All Right

06/25 The Bacon Brothers @ City Winery

06/25 The Bacon Brothers @ City Winery

06/25 Julia Easterlin, Innov Gnawa @ The Owl

06/25 Michael Cera Palin, Oolong, The Big Easy, Weatherday @ Trans-Pecos

06/26 Carrier, Poor York, Jeerleader, TV After Dark @ Gold Sounds

06/28 Howlin' Rain, Weak Signal @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

06/28 Ravi Coltrane, Sandy Ewen, Greg & Joe, Alina Jacobs, Noa Jacques, Pete Galub, Lawrence Kim @ Mama Tried

06/28 Joe Pera, Dan Licata @ The Bell House

06/29 Theo Bleckmann @ The Atlantic BKLN

06/30 Somerset Thrower, Supercrush, Adult Magic, Petal Head @ Amityville Music Hall

07/01 Supercrush, Somerset Thrower, Big City, Only Sibling @ TV EYE

07/01 Computerwife, Zilched, Dominic Sen, Shallowhalo @ Union Pool

07/02 Like Pacific, Action/Adventure, Never Loved @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

07/03 Dendrons, On Pink, Cohort B @ Trans-Pecos

07/06 Rhys Darby @ The Bell House

07/07 Dar Williams @ City Winery

07/07 Flycatcher @ Elsewhere

07/07 Heavy Heavy Low Low, Duck Duck Goose, For Your Health, THIN, Rabbit @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

07/07 Maintenance, Godseyes, En Masse, Arms Like Roses @ Sovereign

07/07 Joey Bada$, Capella Grey @ Terminal 5

07/08 TV Moms, Public Nature, Deep Fake @ Bar Freda

07/08 Dar Williams @ City Winery

07/08 CupcakKe @ Elsewhere

07/08 Social House, Haven @ Gramercy Theatre

07/08 Public Memory, Ghost Cop @ Public Records

07/08 Screaming Females, Shellshag, Monsoon @ TV EYE

07/13 Vile Creature, Sunrot @ Saint Vitus Bar

07/14 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note

07/14 Talib Kweli, The Whiskey Boys @ Blue Note

07/15 Left to Die, Skeletal Remains, Mortuous, Dawn of End @ Market Hotel

07/19 Thouxanbanfauni @ Baby's All Right

07/19 Pink Navel, SB the Moor, Vastness, Sha Ray @ Sovereign

07/20 David Ramirez @ Mercury Lounge

07/20 The Cult, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Zola Jesus @ The Rooftop at Pier 17

07/21 Dwele @ City Winery

07/21 Dwele @ City Winery

07/21 Dalek, Angry Blackmen @ Saint Vitus Bar

07/22 Chrome Sparks (DJ set) @ Elsewhere

07/22 Cave In, Author and Punisher @ Gramercy Theatre

07/22 Executioner's Mask, Pictureplane, Kill Alters @ Saint Vitus Bar

07/22 Summer Scum Night One @ TV EYE

07/22 Cate Le Bon @ White Eagle Hall

07/23 Black Midi @ Asbury Lanes

07/23 Summer Scum Night Two @ TV EYE

07/24 Cassandra Jenkins @ Baby's All Right

07/26 Night Moves @ Elsewhere

07/27 Courtney Barnett, Bloomsday @ Adelphi University Performing Arts Center

07/27 Raavi, Maya Lucia, Shane Pi, Ben Special @ The Broadway

07/29 The Goddamn Gallows, Rebelmatic @ The Kingsland

07/30 Joan Osborne @ City Winery

07/30 grouptherapy., Wakai, DJ Kita @ Elsewhere

07/30 Reina del Cid, The Other Favorites @ Knitting Factory Brooklyn

07/31 Chase Atlantic @ The Rooftop at Pier 17

08/03 CHVRCHES @ Brooklyn Mirage

08/05 Martin Courtney (of Real Estate) @ Elsewhere

08/06 Polyphia @ Irving Plaza

08/11 Hiatus Kaiyote @ Brooklyn Mirage

08/11 The Devil Wears Prada, Stray From The Path, Dying Wish @ Irving Plaza

08/12 Zedd @ Brooklyn Mirage

08/13 Zedd @ Brooklyn Mirage

08/13 Erra, Alpha Wolf, Thornhill, Invent Animate @ Gramercy Theatre

08/16 Filth, My Own Will, Until the Dead Walk @ The Kingsland

08/17 Brijean, Nappy Nina @ Elsewhere

08/19 Monuments, Essenger, Sammy Boller @ The Brooklyn Monarch

08/20 George Clanton, Washed Out (DJ Set), Neon Indian (DJ Set), deaths dynamic shroud, Neggy Gemmy, Small Black, Saint Pepsi, Cowgirl Clue, Surfing, Hotel Pools, Pictureplane, Equip, Vaperror, FM Skyline, Yuni Wa, Vitesse X, Caroline Loveglow, desert sand feels warm at night, Luxury Elite, Giant Claw, and more! @ Knockdown Center

08/23 The Shins, Joseph @ Radio City Music Hall

08/24 Addison Grace, Sydney Rose, Kate Stephenson @ Elsewhere

08/24 The Muckers, Population II @ Elsewhere

08/24 Mary Hood, The Grasping Straws @ Mama Tried

08/25 Julie @ Elsewhere

08/28 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

08/30 Soft Cell @ Beacon Theatre

09/01 Jose Gonzalez @ Kings Theatre

09/01 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/02 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/02 Tower, War Cloud, Grave Bathers @ The Broadway

09/03 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/07 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/07 Sabrina Claudio @ Radio City Music Hall

09/08 Allah-Las @ Brooklyn Made

09/08 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/09 Ethel Cain, Colyer @ Bowery Ballroom

09/09 Bettye LaVette @ City Winery

09/10 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/14 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/15 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/15 Strange Neighbors, Creek and Kills, OOF @ Mama Tried

09/16 Julia Jacklin, Kara Jackson @ Brooklyn Steel

09/17 Florence and the Machine, Sam Fender @ Madison Square Garden

09/17 Jenny Owen Youngs, Kristin Russo @ The Bell House

09/17 Voxtrot @ Webster Hall

09/18 Jenny Owen Youngs, Kristin Russo @ The Bell House

09/21 Leith Ross @ Baby's All Right

09/21 Harry Styles, Blood Orange @ Madison Square Garden

09/23 Jenny Lewis @ Stone Pony

09/24 Cymande @ Brooklyn Bowl

09/24 Testament, Exodus, Death Angel @ Palladium Times Square

09/25 Sigrid @ Terminal 5

09/28 Stella Donnelly @ Elsewhere

09/29 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

09/30 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

09/30 Mahalia @ Warsaw

10/01 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

10/01 flor @ Bowery Ballroom

10/02 Hollow Coves @ Bowery Ballroom

10/03 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

10/05 Morcheeba @ Brooklyn Bowl

10/06 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

10/07 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

10/08 Tedeschi Trucks Band @ Beacon Theatre

10/14 Fred Again... @ Terminal 5

10/14 Smashing Pumpkins, Jane's Addiction, Poppy @ UBS Arena

10/16 Fred Again... @ Terminal 5

10/19 Smashing Pumpkins, Jane's Addiction, Poppy @ Madison Square Garden

10/19 Bret McKenzie @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

10/20 Bret McKenzie @ The Capitol Theatre

10/22 Illuminati Hotties, Enumclaw, Olivia Barton @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

10/22 Bret McKenzie @ Webster Hall

10/24 Cam, Amythyst Kiah @ Webster Hall

10/25 The Record Company @ White Eagle Hall

11/01 Arcade Fire, Beck @ Waterfront Music Pavilion

11/03 Colin Stetson, Elori Saxl @ National Sawdust

11/04 Arcade Fire, Beck @ Barclays Center

11/05 The Coronas @ Irving Plaza

11/11 Joey Pecoraro @ Mercury Lounge

11/12 Zoe Keating @ (le) poisson rouge

11/12 The Jungle Giants @ Warsaw

11/18 Saetia @ Saint Vitus Bar

11/19 Saetia @ Saint Vitus Bar


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