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Radical Dads: a band to take home to Mom.

December 13, 2010
As a radical dad myself, I'm prone to liking this band. But this isn't about me and how radical I am. It's about a great new band from Brooklyn.

In case you haven't caught it already, this band's name is Radical Dads. They make happy, snappy lo-fi fuzz pop that walks that high-wire line somewhere between twee and punk and just straight up old school indie-rock.

Oh yeah, this band features Robbie of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Uninhabitable Mansions. He's the drummer/singer. We love drummer slash singers! (Remember: before anyone did anything, Karen Carpenter did EVERYTHING.) Also, Chris of just Uninhabitable Mansions is in this band, too.

Radical Dads have played shows with DOM, Islands, Golden Girls, Hooray for Earth, and oh a whole lot more. This is a very likable band. And I would know. I'm a radical dad myself.

Radical Dads play Glasslands, on Saturday, December 18th


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