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Braids: not the band from Urbana.

November 22, 2010
It takes some balls to name your band Braids. Not that Braid was the biggest band in the world, but still... a fairly popular band from back in the day named Braid and you go and name your band Braids?

I'm going to start a band and call it Interpols. Maybe just go really big time and call it The Beatless. Oh well, maybe '90s emo didn't make that big of a splash up there in Montreal (that's where Braids is from).

Anyway we're not here to talk names. We're here to talk music. And you know what? Braids is pretty darn good at making music. This pop (with more than just a touch of classical tendencies) builds long and slow into something, well, pretty epic. I can see why they get comparisons to bands like Broken Social Scene.

All four members sing, but it is Katie Lee's versatile soprano that really propels these climactic melodies. She can sing sweet, and she can sing fierce. She also backs that up with some serious piano playing skills. It's all very... emotional?

Hmmm... the more I think about it, maybe this is emo like Braid after all? Guess they knew what they were doing when choosing that moniker, eh?

Braids play Mercury Lounge, Monday, November 29th, at Knitting Factory, on Tuesday, November 30th, and Bowery Ballroom, on Wednesday, December 1st.


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