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Warpaint makes me want to chill-lax.

August 3, 2010
Warpaint are four women from L.A. who create laid-back psych-rock with some gentle guitar jam outs and some pretty nice four-part vocal action. It's all very mellow and slightly trippy and shoegazes ever so slowly. Yep, this stuff is pretty chill-laxin' alright. (I just wrote the word "chill-laxin'" and I immediately felt a little bit more of my soul drain down the toilet.)

Anyway, perhaps there is a little Cat Power vibe going on here with this here band Warpaint. In the vocals, anyway. And maybe a touch of Zola Jesus' thing too? Blonde Redhead? Anyone? Anyone?

Warpaint has recently played shows with The xx, The Walkmen and Javelin, and have previously toured with heavy-hitters such as Vampire Weekend and Yeasayer and Band of Horses.

And I should mention that the band's Wikipedia page is pretty darn hilarious. It talks about all the "Hollywood" people that are into them. Hey, if Warpaint is good enough for Billy Zane, it's good enough for you, right? I feel like he really came into his own in Back to the Future II.

Warpaint plays (with Javelin!) the Whitney Museum, on Friday, August 13th.


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