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Get down with Twin Shadow's smooth groove.

July 26, 2010
This is the silkiness! Brooklyn's Twin Shadow is the smooth, soulful indie-pop project of singer/guitarist/composer George Lewis Jr. If you're down with the downy melodic-ness with a little '80s new wave synths/beats and a singer who brings serious showmanship, then this is the band for you.

Along with the whole pop and new wave thing, Twin Shadow also dips their toes into that 'Alt 'n B' genre (a genre Dirty Projectors have dipped their whole torso into). After all, that's the genre you want to rock when you want to rock smooth. Twin Shadow's jams are so smooth and silky that these songs make me want to take some big time bubble baths.

Lewis and his stage crew have played lots of smooth shows lately, including recent ones with Twin Sister, The Morning Benders and Class Actress. He has also done a bunch of exceptional remixes for fine bands like Lemonade, Bear in Heaven, and Hooray for Earth. Check out Twin Shadow's debut record on Chris Taylor's (of Grizzly Bear) label, Terrible Records.

Go see this band and feel those rough edges of yours melt away.

Twin Shadow plays Littlefield, on Monday, August 2nd.


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