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Oberhofer? More like Ober ROCKER! (I'm sorry. Once again, I apologize for that)

March 1, 2010
Finally, something different. Whew! So yeah, I'm really into NYC's (by way of Tacoma) Oberhofer lately. This happy, scattered eccentric bedroom-pop is straight from the imagination of Brad Oberhofer, who writes, plays, and records all of these songs (live, he has a full band).

And let me tell you, he's a pretty imaginative dude when it comes to songwriting. Oberhofer is a wonderfully wacky journey through pop catchiness, and these interesting, off-kilter melodies just sort of scream...innovation. In a way this kind of reminds me of what Deastro is doing, but perhaps a bit brighter and a little rougher around the edges (in that rough way I often want). And there have been comparisons made to The Unicorns (but they're a little more wack on the wacky scale).

Maybe he should try to hook up a show with that band Grandchildren we recently profiled. They might be a good stage/sound partner too. Call me crazy, but I can even see Oberhofer playing with The Drums, too. It's that whole solid melodies thing.

But honestly, it's hard to play the comparison game. Just have an Oberhofer listen and you'll see what I mean. I bet you'll be into it though, especially the guitars. Lots of good guitars going on here. (BTW, is this guy really only nineteen? That's crazy. He just might very well be "the shit" in his twenties.)

Oberhofer plays (le) poisson rouge on Tuesday, March 9th.


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